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CALLING ALL PANNISTS! Be a part of the Virtual Steelband today!

All pannists are specially invited to participate in the Virtual Steelband, a musical ensemble of pannists spanning the globe virtually. It is an opportunity for pannists to video record themselves playing a specific piece of music to a specific tempo. All videos will later be uploaded online and compiled to form a Virtual Steelband. So far, we have gained participants from Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Antigua, Barbados, the United Kingdom, Spain, Argentina, and Japan. If you would like to be a part of the Virtual Steelband, please register through our website www.virtualsteelband.com.

To make this venture possible, we need to hire professional audio and video engineers to produce the best video possible. As a result, we have launched a Kickstarter to make this possible. If you would like to see a draft of what the Virtual Steelband would look like, and you would like to donate, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1754500723/virtual-steelband
We hope that you can be a part of this history making venture.
Thank you so much!

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 Best of luck on this project Miss Gormandy,  I cannot wait to hear the end product. 

Best of luck Mia


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