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Millicent like yuh take me for Mickey Mouse

The way yuh bringing man in meh house

Girl like yuh take me for Mickey Mouse

The way yuh bringing man in meh house

Look ah doh want to break yuh blasted jaw

Ah doh want to tangle with the law

Yuh better have some respect for me

And stop this nonsense entirely


Every day is a different man

Yuh have warming up meh furniture

And yuh always introduce them

Yuh introducing dem as yuh cousin or yuh brother in law or yuh compere

So before ah reach in the crazy house or the hangman cemetery

AH WANT YUH TO WRITE ALL YUH FAMILY NAME on ah piece ah paper for me


Leh meh tell yuh something Millie

Yuh have too much man family

And dey always employ with the government

Dey either in the force or the regiment

Yuh must saying to yuhself yuh have me so

But is in jail I eh want to go

Now that is all yuh could ever bet

Why I eh puncture yuh blasted jaw bone as yet


Ah want to know if is only man family you could bring in here

How Yuh never invite yuh tantie your niece or yuh macoumere

And this cousin this uncle this compere business getting me bazodee

So darling ah want yuh to write all yuh family name on ah piece ah paper for me


Whole year yuh giving me coocoo to eat

And the food never tasting sweet

Yam and tania cook up with saltfish tail

With no grease at all as if ah in jail

But dem man that you say is yuh family

When dey reach home you uneasy

Like yuh catching malkadee fus yuh glad

And killing the biggest cock in the yard 


Yuh taking down the pot from the fire before time fus yuh cyar wait

Giving me the bottom of the fowl to eat and putting chicken leg inside dey plate

Ah getting tired and disgusted ah doh want to commit a felony

So ah want yuh to write all yuh family name on ah piece ah paper for me


This family business is going too far

So get ah pen and piece ah paper

And all dem men yuh have in yuh diary

Ah say to write down dey name one by one for me


I am not against you giving me a butt

But like yuh want to tie Zando foot

And playing a game with all these different men

Fly your kite the longest rope have an end

Yuh is the only woman I know all yuh family is man

And yuh always singing a song  in meh ears that yuh eh have  luck with woman

But yuh family sleeping on meh simmons bed and I have to sleep in the gallery

So ah want yuh to write all yuh family name and PRESENT IT to Zandolee




This is one of my favorite CALYPSOS of all time. When I left Trinidad I never thought that I would ever hear this calypso again since I had no access to Trinidad radio. But in 1997 ROUNDER RECORDS went down to Trinidad and recorded this video (among many others) along with a CD which I purchased when it became available.


Now, this calypso offers comic relief because of the victim's  inconsequential response in the face of an emotional crisis which is traditionally solved by acts of violence. And this song was written and performed in the SIXTIES when the term DOMESTIC VIOLENCE was not even in the Trinidad dictionary.  What has always intrigued me the most about the lyrics is the artistic value (and cultural demand) to include FOUR REFERENCES to violence in the song even though ZANDOLEE had come up with PEACE & LOVE solution to his problem. Of course there is the MACHO IMAGE of the calypsonian at stake so he has to show some element of toughness (or potential toughness) even as he concedes his pride. Or maybe he is just reminding us of the human element where VIOLENCE IS ALWAYS AN OPTION -- as SPARROW did with ONE LINE in "spoiling" ROSE. As many times as I have listened to this song I cannot separate all the elements. For example: If you remove the four references to violence in the song will the song's humour lose its edge?


One has to wonder (around 50 years later) how much closer the society has moved towards a ZANDOLEE RESPONSE as opposed or a SEMI-MURDEROUS RESPONSE as was the NORM. Since I do not live in Trinidad I DO NOT KNOW but with the slightest level of inquiry it still seems to be a FRIGHTFUL CRISIS for the women. I extracted the content below from a couple articles that I rummaged through.


Violence against Women remains a pervasive challenge in the 21st century. It is a major public health problem and violation of women’s human rights. It affects all countries, cultures, ethnicities, ages, races, religions -- all woman are at risk, no matter where in the world they reside. However, in Trinidad and Tobago domestic violence is endemic. Episodes of gender-based violence are published  daily in the local newspapers, prompting the question of "Why such hate against women?" Within the 2012 to 2013 period, a court in one magisterial district in North Trinidad handled 17,748 domestic violence cases. Keep in mind that was only ONE COURT.


I can't believe the number of cases, what's the cause for the back log?

Lord Nelson - We Like It..."to see man beating woman is not uncommon or wife horning husband to mine she sweet man."

Singing Sandra Crying


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