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Strandparty heißt das Motto des Frühja... karibisches Feeling in die Festhalle. | Foto: zvg

Strandparty heißt das Motto des Frühjahrskonzertes der Trachtenkapelle Bleibach. Passend dazu spielt die Kolberg Steelband aus Uhingen auf mit ihren Pans (Ölfässern) und bringt karibisches Feeling in die Festhalle. 

GUTACH-BLEIBACH. Das jährliche Themenkonzert der Trachtenkapelle Musikverein Bleibach steht dieses Mal unter dem Motto "Strandkonzert" und findet am Samstag, 12. Mai, um 20 Uhr in der Festhalle statt. Die Kolberg Steelband aus Uhingen wird das Konzert mit den besonderen Klängen der "Steelpan" (Ölfässer aus Stahl) bereichern. Wer sich hinter dieser Formation verbirgt und welche Art von Musik zu erwarten ist, dazu befragte unsere Mitarbeiterin Karin Heiß den Gründer der Band, Bernhard Kolberg.

GUTACH LEAD BACH. The annual theme concert of the Trachtenkapelle Musikverein Bleibach is under the motto "Beach Concert" and will take place on Saturday, May 12, at 8 pm in the Festhalle. The Kolberg Steelband from Uhingen will enrich the concert with the special sounds of "Steelpan" (steel oil drums). Who is hiding behind this formation and what kind of music is to be expected, asked our colleague Karin Heiß the founder of the band, Bernhard Kołberg.

BZ: How and when did the Steelband start? What was your intention?

Kolberg: During a trip to the Caribbean I got to know and love the music and the instruments in their country of origin Trinidad and Tobago. After my return, I took care of the purchase of the original instruments and arrangements. Through my travel stories in picture and sound, I was able to win some of my coworkers, friends, mostly drummer colleagues, for the rousing music. Kołobrzeg Steelband was founded in 1998 and has been sampling regularly since then. Petra Lüers has been our bandleader since 2014. She is, like her predecessor Peter Lampel, studied percussionist and music school teacher. For the rehearsal work especially the fine tuning of rhythm and balance is required. In the meantime, I have largely handed over the organizational tasks. A few musicians of the band take care of everything about performances, grades and the coordination of rehearsals.

BZ: What is the best way to describe the instrumental sound?

Kolberg: A description of the sound is difficult because it is very exotic for us Europeans. All pans are made from oil barrels and are therefore metal instruments. Due to the different types of pan, which are played in our band, but we get a range of about six octaves and a great variety of sounds. From the deep dull sounds of the basses to the high, bright sound of the lead - the first voice. In addition to the original literature in Calypso or Soca rhythm other styles can be played easily. These then appear in a completely new sound.

BZ: Where does the music come from? Is there dancing in a certain way?

Kolberg: In the Caribbean, more specifically in Trinidad and Tobago, the Steelpan has its origins. There the different steelpans, like a symphony orchestra, form the pan-orchestra: Lead, Double Second, Cello, Bass and Rhythm Section. In national competitions, bands with up to 120 musicians are playing. The spectators then dance Calypso and Soca or simply move in the intoxication of music.

BZ: How did the contact with the Trachtenkapelle Bleibach come about?

Kołobrzeg: At the Göppinger Maientag, one of the oldest and most traditional festivals in southern Germany, we met by chance. The Trachtenkapelle Bleibach was there in 2017 guest of the municipal wind band Göppingen. After the traditional procession, the band played a concert in the city center. In the same place we were engaged for entertainment after the move. The Bleibacher and the Kolberg Steelband alternately played their very different program to the delight of the audience. During the breaks, we got into conversation with each other and so one thing led to another.

BZ: Which repertoire awaits the concert visitors in Bleibach?

Kołobrzeg: Our repertoire is not limited to Caribbean music but includes titles from the jazz and pop genres, with the instruments lending a unique touch to the music through their specific rhythm and tonality. South Sea flair, exotic sounds, Caribbean temperament - the "summer, sun, beach feeling" is guaranteed.

BZ: Do you often play abroad? How many concerts do you play in the year and on which occasions?

Kołobrzeg: Mostly we receive inquiries from the region Göppingen for summer festivals, city festivals and also private parties, which are under the motto Caribbean. But performances such as on a ship on Lake Constance were in the past, but are rare. There are between three and five concerts a year.

BZ: Are you looking forward to staying in Breisgau? Where are you accommodated?

Kolberg: We are accommodated in the hotel "Zum Storchen" in Waldkirch. We are looking forward to the stay. Not only because the region is fantastically beautiful and offers many excursion possibilities, but because the appearance is a very special one for us. We have already given concerts with other formations, such as an accordion orchestra, but never with a brass band. Our friendly arranger Jürgen Rothfuß has worked on three pieces especially for this concert, which we will present to the audience together with the brass band. This sound mix has never been and we are already excited and in full anticipation of the 12th May.

Info: The concert on Saturday, May 12, from 8 pm in the Festhalle Bleibach, will be opened by the youth orchestra. After that, the brass band of the Trachtenkapelle Bleibach and the Kolberg Steelband take turns. Afterwards DJ Bocki plays. Advance ticket sales (9 euros, box office 10 euros) at household goods Fehrenbach.
Department: Gutach im Breisgau

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In Germany, a picture of 14 players wearing beach style shirts playing instruments originated in way off yonder, Trinidad and Tobago..   All these world wide countries playing our music, among others.  Wow, I need to go on a worldwide tour to have a first hand experience.

WST and Pan Times, thank you for bringing these into our homes across the globe.

Brenda H. 


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