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It Has been Long Said that Panorama is Killing Pan ''But''

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Glenroy: I do not think that the responders on the forum read Errol's postings carefully enough. I will go further to say that to understand Errol's postings you had to also take some time to understand ERROL THE POSTER. And I do not think that there are very many people on this forum who could combine the two ingredients and understand ERROL THE MAN. Had they given him time and not jumped down his throat we would have been led to some complex discussions and historical reviews on PAN and CORRUPTION and THE SOCIOLOGY OF THE PANMAN and PAN MUSIC. And even a new standard of tolerance might have resulted  from his presence. I could tell you why he left: He left because he thought the posters were TOO IGNORANT to waste his learned time on. Of course, everybody thinks that everybody else is STUPID. So you have to learn to roll with the punches if you want to JAM. Something he never wanted to learn.

Claude if you can contact ERROL tell him to come back. Everyone has something offer. There are thousands of people on the forum. He might trigger something in someone that will prove monumental in the future.  The overwhelming majority of members prefer to just read and stay in the background.


Bugs, WST membership is 14,298, it beats me that less than 50 post something in the forum.

Cecil people tend to be passive. Posting takes energy. That doesn't mean they are disinterested.

50% of eligible American voters don't vote.  That doesn't mean they don't care or have an opinion.


Glenroy,"Obsessed" is the word leaders says to minions when they are demanding what is theirs by right. The question is, who is holding back the money!?


He pack up all he postings and he run away

Leaving me to worry myself sick each day ....


U have time to waste


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