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It Has been Long Said that Panorama is Killing Pan ''But''

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Claude Gonzales My Bro. Tell Me Something that is More Heralded in the Pan World than Panorama. Panorama is a Competition that was Created for the Steel bands to Show their Skills on the New Created Instruments and not on the Streets of Gang Warfare that Existed at that time and it Worked. The wars hence Fought was For Pan Supremacy. Today Panorama has risen to the Top of All Pan Competitions Worldwide. It has exposed Our Pan Culture to the World. Panorama is the only Pan Show in Sweet T&T that Brings in Revenue to our Country. Our Pan Supremacy and Culture depends on Panorama. No one Cares about any other Show than our Great Panorama. Its an Extravaganza. We should Be Proud of Our Panorama instead of Bashing and  Demonizing it.

Bede My Bro. What You Said Maybe True. You should also take into account that Without Panorama Pan Will Die. There are no other Incentive than Panorama. Its So Easy and a Lot of WST Members making It sound So Hard. Too Much Egos at Stake.

Valentine: Ah woman "cavorting" with ah HORSE on a beautiful beach on the TV all over America to the accompaniment of PAN with MILLIONS and MILLIONS of viewers getting CONDITIONED to the instrument and you on here complaining about PANORAMA and PAN DYING.

PAN WILL NEVER DIE!!! Not in Trinidad! Not in America! Not in Europe! And the instrument still GAINING GROUND on OTHER CONTINENTS. Me, of all people, should not have to be explaining that to all the SO CALLED PAN LOVERS and ENTHUSIASTS.

They chase meh pardner Errol off the forum so ah eh taking no prisoners anymore.

Find ah new TOPIC!!!

Panorama is life support

Steelbands were doing well before panorama, they also held their own without sponsors. Panorama showcase steelbands playing one tune, their history is playing many songs and playing mas for carnival, do we still have to look at where panorama has the steelband today?

Pan and panorama are entwined there is no separation .it is the tree of the steel bands,we need to build on it (branches)a street jamboree (2 maybe 3 weeks )before carnival in and around savannah) .bands limited to 40,50 players.stands should have been completed by then,no bands allowed on stage ,only public(jump up).think of possibilities sell tickets parents and kids,gran ma,gran pa can see have picnic.expand ,booths around savannah would love this business .think.

Cecil My Bro. We Live in a Different Era Now, Of Course there were Bands before Panorama. Panorama came out of the Womb of the Steel band. Things has Changed since then. In our day there were a lot of Parties / Fetes that Steel bands played at Carnival time. In our Modern Era this is not so. You Remember Gemini Brass - Duchy Brothers - Clarence Curvan and Many other Brass Bands too Numerous to Mention. They all died a Natural Death, because there are no fetes for Brass Bands just as there are no Fetes for Steel bands.  No Brassorama -  No More Fetes for Steel bands, Panorama had nothing to do with that. The Mighty Force of Panorama is what Keeps Pan Alive. Check around and tell Me what else is there. We should all Cherish Our Panorama instead of Trying to Demonize it. Panorama is the Life Line of Pan. Lets We Forget.

Val, All Stars  has taken care of any argument that says the steelband cannot be a part of the Modern Era, I rest my Case.

Valentine Young: Do you have any idea why ERROL CEDRIC LEWIS was chased off the forum?

Was Errol Cedric Lewis chased off the forum? this is news to me, he must have done something really bad because in all the years I'm here I've never seen this happen.

Claude... Errol Cedric Lewis was not chased off the forum. It appears ECL has removed himself from the Forum. No reason was given.

Pan Times, doh bother with Claude, he just want to be "KANTANKAROUS" dat's ah Trini word for "causing trouble' This is what went down, someone said he was Diaz [PanTrinbago] plant. He chose not to address the accusation. We will be here if he want to talk about it.


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