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Car ploughs through pan side - ...one hospitalised, several injured

Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - A performance by Witco Desperadoes ended before it started on Saturday. Just before 9 pm, moments before the band was scheduled to perform at the 25th anniversary celebration of Smokey & Bunty, a car mounted the pavement and ploughed through the band, narrowly missing patrons seated along the Western Main Road establishment in St James.

....A number of the pan players escaped serious injury, with four reportedly going to hospital to treat cuts and abrasions. Many of the band’s instruments were destroyed before the car came to a stop at the corner of Dengue Street and Western Main Road.
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After one time is two time, in the older days (50's/ 60's) something like that happen in ST James, is Riot Oui, they don't care where the driver from, .Despers against ST James, lol I am glad no one was seriously injured tho'

Thank God the injuries were not major ones.

It is sad that the tribute was not accomplished as planned.

The equipment can be replaced and the driver should get what is "due process".

God Bless Despers!!!!

Charlo still running things.

Bede dem dayz over (lol), and yes Esmond, I am also happy that no one was killed, and hope that all injures stay as minor.

We need to stay positive..

Thank you Ian..

I am just thankful that they were no fatalities.

Pray that the injured get well soon and due process is afforded to the perpetrator(s).

Keep the Faith.

One Pan!!1 One Love!!!

 The Panthologist


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