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Revisiting - Carl Chase - The Man Behind Steelpan in Maine

Carl Chase - The Man Behind Steelpan in Maine 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada -  He is quiet, reserved, unassuming and soft-spoken yet his passion for the steelpan and its music burns white hot. Meet Carl Chase, the man singularly responsible for the introduction and proliferation of the steelpan and steelbands in the state of Maine, USA.

At the recently-concluded 10th annual Montreal International Steelpan Festival, When Steel Talks got a chance to talk to and observe Mr. Chase in action. Under his leadership, the amalgamation “Pan Coalition,” is an annual participant in this international Canadian steelpan music festival. The coalition is made up primarily of Flash! in The Pans, Chase’s own group, and several other bands from the Blue Hill, Maine area.
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Carl & Nigel Chase along with Pan Coalition have now become a permanent fixture at our Montreal International Steelpan Festival. They are well respected, admired and loved by our Montreal Community. Congratulations to you all on a job well done and we again welcome you all and we look forward to your participation in the 2011 Festival where we intend to include a "Pan Parade"


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