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Now when you want to talk about Mas, this is mas. This is Carnival.

Talk about a reality check.


No disrespect gentlemen but it seems like 'apples and oranges', as much as I support the need for improvement in our carnival it somehow does not seem fair to compare a country with the population of 1.2 million to one with 200 million plus.

I'm curios,. who finances those enormous and creative floats and where are the 50 mil people living in poverty when all the festivities are taking place ??? 

Trinidad carnival not perfect by a long shot but still one of the greatest and most creative shows on earth!!!

Most creative??????

Anthony: This is a brief answer to your question in this video.

Thank you Claude, this proves my point, the narrator states there are concerns that if the funding keeps diminishing the carnival will dry up. 

Mr Hinkson I did not mean we're the most creative but we rank among the top and Bugs I understand these other countries are creating beautiful costumes but we are also , as for your observation about All Stars mas I can't comment since I'm only going based on what I saw via video streaming but I did see some pretty nice costumes from some of the larger bands on Tuesday.

Hence the reason I said in my opening statement no disrespect to anyone and made the comparisons that I did because I think sometimes we beat our people up too much and are quick to praise others but try living in the world of some of the people that we shower praises on then we may think differently !

When I was young I thought Venezuela was a paradise and had a great desire to visit, now  ??

Anthony: Doh let bugs and Cecil bother yuh!!! Look nah, one man on the video just give us a good topic for a Calypso next year: With or without money ah go play meh MAS. And yuh know they go be short on money next year too; so the topic will still be relevant. Yuh have to get yuh writing pardner to develop that idea and you could come up with the music.

Yuh notice some ah dem Brazilian leaders getting lock up for corruption -- no so in Trinidad!!!

No pressure man I like the discussions, a lot of it is informative and educational to me also, the good thing is that we all agree to disagree. Yuh know yuh never too old to learn but them new tricks, them old dogs ain't budging at all boi !!


You should really keep away from this Claude fella.  

Hang with Brenda, Merrytones, Glenroy, Cecil, Rusell, Ms Gillian and a few others. This Claude fella, hangs out with known gangsta called Rolly Polly. Rolly Polly will soon be leaving the Pan scene.



Are we talking quantity verses quality? Trinidad All Stars Monday mas is the only mas I saw that could creatively match what is going on in Brazil, Columbia, El Salvardor and a few other countries.

bugs: Please stay out of COLUMBIA -- that is Cecil and Claude Country; no visa for you!!!

But there is one thing to note and that is the BRAZIL cameramen and production teams do a lot of "HOLLYWOODIZING" with their production. If you send a good PRODUCTION CREW down to Trinidad for carnival and they select and edit and polish segments of the event it would come across as HIGH ART with plenty CREATIVITY. And the world would LOVE IT!

Lord have mercy, ah eh even drink ah rum yet for the morning and I (ME OF ALL PEOPLE) defending Trinidad so hard ... it must be the concussion dat ah get panorama night!!!


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