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I listen to the last hour of this discussion on i95.5fm in T&T and was glad to hear this question ask and being discussed on the radio. As old people will tell you, if you see smoke most likely their is a fire, so if the question was asked probably there is good reason to be concern.

Being a senior from foreign I was taken back by not one person on the panel remembered the contribution the steelband made to carnival, not even when they played "the road make to walk" by Kitch did they remember that it was the steelbands made that song road march, and when they spoke of the lack of costume on Monday did they remember is was the steelbands presentation that brighten up Monday. I am aware that they could have been "too young to soca" that's why as a elder I feel compelled to voice my opinion.

Carnival today is suffering from the absence of the steelband, the flavor that the steelband brought is missing, what we have today is a business opp.for some, a few people who do not care about our culture making lots of money. what we are seening today is the dead end street carnival is heading down..

Trini people will never allow carnival to die,but it's broken badly and needs to be fixed, SOON

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The Tamboo Bamboo had it's window!!! The Iron Band had its window!!! The Brass Band had its window!!! The STEEL BAND had its window!!! Now the DJ has its window -- that too shall pass!!!!


Fix the hinges on the steelband window, it closed too fast.

Patrick, boy!!! We putting you in charge to bring back STEELBAND ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL. Some people on this forum seem to think that if you bring back PAN ON THE ROAD FOR CARNIVAL (and make sure yuh doh put dem on no trucks, eh) that TENS OF THOUSANDS of masqueraders and spectators will suddenly fill the streets and we will be back in 1965 reliving THE DREAM DAYS.

Patrick, boy!!! Man turn dey back on the country and fly to the NORTH decades ago and somehow they expect everything in TRINIDAD to stay the same way it was when dey leave the island. Now they want to demand that the POWERS THAT BE turn back the hands of time just for them because the young people like beads and deejays.

To tell you the truth, ah went back to TRINIDAD for the 1977 carnival and that was the first time that I ever hear a calypso BLASTING SO LOUD in the city streets from a MUSIC BOX. As a calypso lover, I was transfixed by the clarity of the sound and the loudness and the atmosphere it created. And the original recording and lyrics accompanying the music with the voice of the calypsonian filling the block. Ah stand up right there by the SHELL SAVANNAH CLUB and listen to that Deejay for hours.

Ain't no way PAN coming back to displace no DEEJAY. But try yuh best, Mr. Ramdoo!

If you put all the pan on truck with gas engine you expect people to come and support you? Pan racks were designed for the road.

Trinidad & Tobago is know all over by foreigners who have googled the twin island for its Steelpan and Carnival. I spent 6 years in the US Navy on an aircraft carrier when I first migrated in the 70's , and I have visited the shores off 36 different countries ( join the Navy and see the world ). In most off these in Europe, the Middle East and Africa the people that I met never heard off T&T . I encouraged the ones I met to take a trip and Carnival is the best time to go and because I played the Steelpan I was an ambassador in some ways. Getting back to the topic and the point I am trying to make here is unless all steelband in T&T take back the streets ,be it large, medium,small conventionals and single pans our biggest festival Carnival will die because it is already a slow death with them DJ's playing one tune over and over. I past the blame on the pan body PanTrinbago for not enforcing this stance a long time ago. Our native land have too many hypocrites and hooligans who are only fighting among themselves and stealing the loot every year. If Trinidad All Stars could win Band of the Year two years in a row we have no excuse to get our lazy but back out in the streets that we own and stop crying every year and making excuses . Talk done !

Trinidad Carnival once considered "The Greatest Show On Earth" 

Carnival...now the greatest flaw on earth

Does the fact that Massy Trinidad All Stars steelband has won back-to-back Band of the Year titles send a subtle message to bandleaders to bring back ‘real mas’ with real costumes like All Stars did with their genuine sailor mas? The other group that is trying hard to bring back costumes into the Carnival is Word and Associates, also dubbed the Catholic Band. They placed third in the Small Band category during the parade of bands in downtown Port-of-Spain.

The Carnival is over and the near naked masqueraders are now in most instances completely covered up and going about their regular business, probably thinking about next year’s festival. I overheard a comment on Ash Wednesday about Carnival 2015. It went like this: 

The best thing the National Carnival Commission (NCC) could do is spread sand along the parade route, sprinkled with a few palm trees (the bake and shark sheds are already in place) and our Carnival can become the world’s biggest beach party, so boring and disgusting was the constant stream of bikinis, mokinis (they tell me that’s the name given to those bikinis, even smaller than usual—a cross between a bikini and a thong).

From the greatest show on earth, T&T’s Carnival has sunk to the very depths of debauchery and wretchedness and can now be safely described as the greatest flaw on earth. The lack of interest is manifested in the dwindling number of spectators and the increasing numbers that flock to the beaches here and in Tobago, with many still able to travel abroad—just to escape the Carnival.

Today’s bandleaders would not admit it, but they have transformed our once beautiful Carnival from creative street theatre to a bacchanal-type street party. It has become a Cepep—Carnival Empty of Pomp, Entertainment and Pageantry, if I may borrow an acronym, truly a stain on our rich heritage and culture.


Well said Arthur... I don't think that the locals realize how much we, as foreigners of Trinidad, promote our country and keep advertising the fact that we are the greatest and best country in the world... just take a listen to Joanne Rowley's 2016 calypso, " Fire and Ice". But coming back to the topic of Carnival dying, I have often said, that Carnival Monday should be all about steelband music on the road.... no electronic music whatsoever, bring back the brass bands of old, and the steelbands, not on trucks, but on the road, let's revive Carnival to what we had. On Carnival Tuesday, let them wear their beads and jam and wine behind the big truck ...we older pan people could all go to Maracas and relax. I honestly think that DJ's with 5 million watts of power have on right on the road, be it Carnival Monday or Tuesday. People are also asking what events we should be planning for the steelbands in August, well, there is your answer, lets have a "retro Carnival" just like the good old days...pan and brass on the road once more. PanTrinbago... are you listening !

I am with you on this Jerry, the powers that be in the Mecca has put all there eggs in one basket with the tits ,ass and humping mas,  we are seeing signs of the end today. When your own spectators prefer to go to the beaches carnival days it can't get much worst.

I can identify with you, I just got back from Trinidad, for carnival I feel the same, well said .

Good topic. Maybe we need some legislation to restrict the DJ trucks from certain routes on Monday, allowing all other music a clear path to perform. Add monetary incentives to encourage the bands to 'come out and play'; re-institute the bomb competition etc. etc. There are other measures that we could take to get the music back on the street, we just need pro-active measures by the leaders who can make it happen.

CDC, mayors of the bigger cities/towns please help revive the Carnival.

Simple its dead, DJ trucks PAN trucks and Naked Peoples is that We Carnival No Back to Basic First Calypsos Songs being played on the  RADIO STATIONS,and the STEELBANDS  choose  their TUNES,not this and that one making their own tune for PANORAMA and we the peoples do not even know what they playing JOUVERT CARNIVAL MONDAY Old Mass STEELBAN on the ROAD not on TRUCKS Carnival Tuesday BRASS BAND, STEEL BAND and COSTUMES we need to look back and see where Carnival came from 

The writing is on the wall, so big that the powers that be cannot say they didn't see what's happening.


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