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Or is everyone succumbed to this performing rights and intellectual  property rubbish?

If you go out in public to play mas you have no rights to anonymity, performance  or expectation of privacy.

You are on the public road. Unless you want everyone to turn their backs when you come along.

Just another media boball as far as I'm concerned.

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Completely agree!

Well stated indeed!

What really is going on with Trinidad & Tobago?  Is the government totally blind to the fact that this Carnival is THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH???  By live streaming The Parade of The Bands from The Queens Park Savannah on Carnival Tuesday via CARNIVAL TVHD, CTV, CT6, or any of the other channels, they will, in essence permit the eyes of the world to focus on The Broadway-Quality of The Masquerade on a much bigger stage!!!  The Tourism $$$$$ are endless!!!!  Not to mention "Expat Factor"!  Certainly the NCATTB cannot be this deaf, dumb & blind!!!  I know that The Tourist Board is not.  A note to Prime Minister Rowley is forthcoming!  I, for one, was totally disgusted with the lack of consideration given to those of us who reside outside of The Twin Island Nation.  Trinidad & Tobago, you can do better!!  As The Road March states, we can do it to the FULL EXTREME!!!


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