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Post Carnival 2021 Suggestions - The Way Forward - Daryl C. Joseph

Carnival 2021 came and went. There is a tremendous amount of potential for us as a nation if we can learn from the experience. Here are my thoughts and suggestions

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Mr. Joseph,

You seem to have many valid suggestions however, we have been over the years, subjected to change which in my opinion have set the pan fraternity back years. Gone are the days of a jammed pack grand and north stands with over flow on either side of the stage, but as I can recall in 2020 I was basically left standing on the side of the stage because the grand stand was full to capacity on the finals night and the accommodation in the north park was substandard to provide the patrons with an adequate viewing point of even proper audio to the level that would have been provided had the north stand been erected as in previous years. While moving things around seem good for the public within Trinidad, you must remember most tourist or nationals living abroad returning for carnival, would have limited vacation time of probably two weeks and given that period must try to fit everything into that short a holiday. I love the actual party vibe of in person experience and being from the old school live will always stand out over virtual. We must be careful of switching up stuff just because it seems on the outside to be a great idea just because it seems to work when all others didn’t. You must remember we had no option but to go virtual for 2021. That said virtual has always been around since the dawn of broadcast television for those abroad and at home who could not physically attend an event. Ask any artist and they would tell you, they need the live crowd to make an event feel good.
In 2020 the medium pan bands were taken to Tobago for the finals and while that seemed a great idea, it took the support of many who came to Trinidad for the pan away because, accommodation and cost were not considered by Pan Trinbago for the tourist visiting Trinidad plus international pan players who play with large and medium bands.
Oh, and just for history the Soca Monarch started way back in the nineteen eighties and not nineties as you suggested.
We need to stop and take stock of what we have and stop trying to inject change where it’s not needed then call it progress.
Competition is a way of life, that why there is Academy awards, Grammy awards, Olympics, Cricket, Basketball, World Cup Football and more, too many to include.
Concentrate on making pan and the judging system along with tabulations better and don’t change for change sake.

Hey Martin

I agree with you.

Martin and Terrance: Why don't you all contact Daryl Joseph and HAVE THE CONVERSATION. Who knows where it may lead.

Martin: You once said on THIS FORUM that small groups have the capacity to get together and create BIG THINGS. (Well those are not your exact words -- but that is the gist of it.)

That dream about going INTERNATIONAL with our CARNIVAL PRODUCTS should turn from TALK to LIVE TEST at some point!!!

I hope they are listening to you, Daryl. Change is very difficult for some folks. I suspect Carnival will not return to Trinidad and Tobago before 2023 or 2024. So they have to get this right.  The weakest part of some of these presentations is the audio. For example the audio for Skiffle's Tempo in Sando concert was awful.  The visuals were nice but you can't broadcast audio of that quality to an international audience Skiffle should take down that audio and remix it.  Mono audio in 2021 is a no no. The person who did that mix should be arrested. The person who allowed this mix to be posted should be arrested. All those people who posted how great Skiffle sounded should be arrested for listening while severely intoxicated. Skiffle is too good of an organization to put out a product sounding like this, which does not represent their naturally live awesome sound.

Listen to this audio from Ebony Steelband below. This is the minimum standard a steel orchestra should allow posted.



You are completely right. Currently, it’s a shame the audio is at 1970s levels and no one seem to want to change because it’s all about money and freeness. Lots of pan players beat pan and not play pan along with the placements of the microphones it just amplifies a bad sounding band.

Trinidadians give Andy Narell a hard time but he is a genius when it comes to audio production of pan.

Listen to Andy and Trinidad All Stars in concert and the smoothness of the playing with quality audio and microphone placement. The caressing of the pan with the slights of touches to have the notes resonate with delicate frequency. 


Thanks, MARTIN. Never saw that VIDEO before!!!


The science says that even a broken clock is right twice a day. But even this basic fact eludes you whenever you back this Andy fella.

You never pass-up an opportunity to come to aid of Andy. But, Andy has failed you every time you have done so. Nothing but licks, embarrassment and concussions for you.

Maybe you should ask Andy to leave the pan playing business and go fulltime into recording pan.  You also should be prepared to duck and run if you continue to associate the gods with things and people they may not want to be associated with. They have plenty thunderbolts with GPS on them. LOL


Do you think Andre Amati would have a problem with two violinist playing violins on a stage in Trinidad for Machel Montano’s wedding? I say no
Or would Christian Frederick Martin, have a problem with everyone in the world who plays a guitar?
I say not.
We need to move away from the small island and small mindedness and embrace people who elevate the artform and stop being a hater.
I remembered back in the late 70’s people had a problem with Peter Minshall and mas because he is white and just like Andy, he has elevated the cultural outlook on the country and elevated the artform to another level. I believe if someone is willing to spend their own money to advertise a country and a culture, we should all embrace him or her. Enough said!!!!


Peter Minshall is a genius. And may actually walk with the gods. 

Andy Narell does not. Why would I have a problem with Trinidadians playing the violin? 

You seem to have a lot of personal deep seeded biases. Or maybe you just suffer from occasional severe concussions like Claude.

Go back and read my post. Try replacing the name Andy with Professor or Boogsie. 

Is there something about Claude and Andy that you know that the rest of us don't?



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