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CECIL HINKSON: Ah never see so much PAN ON TRUCK in meh life ...

... and I just LOVE the FADING SOUNDS of the INSTRUMENTS as the TRUCK drives them OFF STAGE!!!


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Claude, Kendell did not win, I wait the listen to the bands. I don't like anything about steelbands on trucks, that remove the instruments from the people, to me it killed the true spirit of the steelband.

But Cecil!!! Yuh eh see PAN ON D AVENUE moving from STRENGTH to STRENGTH. They are diversifying and drawing more and more PARTICIPANTS and SPONSORS and CROWDS.

So the TIDE must have changed and TRINI PEOPLE get to LOVE THE PAN ON TRUCKS TING.

Two "BRASS BANDS" were added this year. And a CARNIVAL BAND LAUNCHING!!!

NEXT YEAR I am sure that they will do some MORE TWEAKING. People like the ATMOSPHERE of that PRODUCTION.

Yuh know BEVERLEY could pick another town and copy that FORMULA or even organize a BRAZILIAN STYLE PAN BLOCO coming up to CARNIVAL to show that PAN TRINBAGO is more than just PANORAMA!!!

Like I is the ONLY PERSON who like KENDALL WILLIAMS MUSIC, boy. Ah still want to hear what he did with song!!!

Claude the 3 Amigos are good arrangers. I want to hear what Andre did to that Swapi song.


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