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Cecil Hinkson and Earl Richards: Ah want both of allyuh to watch and listen to THIS VIDEO and then come back and give me a REPORT -- PLEASE!!!

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Start at the beginning of the TAPE and don't miss the FINGER SNAPS!!!

And ah doh want no SHORT ANSWER!!! Ah want some LONG ANSWERS!!!

Ah was living for this day for over 50 years -- so meh BLADE SHARP!!!


Nothing here to have me excited, I expect to see different people use pan. This is not like Andy and the WDR Big Band, now that I was excited about.

A Steel Drum Concert on board the Caribbean Princess

2 years ago
"virtuoso" lol smh

Evan Bookout
4 months ago
uh okay then

3 months ago
right lol

Onboard Entertainment | Princess Cruises

Every cruise with Princess includes lavish production shows with some of the largest casts at sea, performing today's Broadway hits as well as long-running classics. See which production shows are available on your next cruise.

odw: You are focusing on the wrong thing: THE CRUISE SHIP!!!

I am looking at THE ACT (the sophisticated and polished presentation of THE PAN in an extremely palatable dosage ... if people can understand that, they can use it as a MODEL for GLOBALIZING COMMERCIAL PAN MUSIC.

Like ah have to give allyuh ah class and break down the GLOBAL MARKETABILITY of PRESENTING PAN to the world in this fashion (above). Andy is Andy. But there is room for a MORE MARKETABLE ACT -- and this is the genesis of THE ACT that could appeal to BROADER AUDIENCES.

Claude here's a playlist from the Culture Division of T&T. MUSIC is a UNIVERSAL language...marketing and market ability is for PROMOTERS like you.


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