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CECIL HINKSON: Come back and LIME, NAH!!! We don't need TRIVIA we need PROGRESSIVE IDEAS!!!

Cecil: More and more AMERICA taking over THIS PAN TING.

We have to get serious, BRO. And put some ideas in place or else THE MECCA will be in the NORTH.

Yuh want to wake up ONE DAY

And hear that  PAN COME from THE USA?

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Claude, maybe America could do more with it, I doh know but, T&T seem to be contented with what they have, I give up.

Cecil:  And therein lies the problem.  Instead of T&T being content with what they have, they need to be aiming for higher heights, ie. taking pan global!  All the recent issues which took place:  the Carifesta Super Concert, Revenge Concert, the scholarship programme.  These left to be put these behind us so that they can concentrate on the bigger picture!

Dear madam if you do not see the education of underprivileged, under qualified youth who are exponents of the art form and members of The World Governing Body For Steelpan in the bigger picture, you may be seeing as clearly as those domiciled at the corner of Duke and Melbourne Streets.

As a resident of the UK, England to be more specific I suspect, please note, that when Aston Villa offered to take a teenaged Dwight Yorke to Birmingham, they also agreed to send him to back to school to complete his secondary education (quote me on that).

So if you, or anyone else cannot see the education of youth involved in steelband in the bigger picture of the movement, it would be interesting to view what you actually see. 

Russell:  You've got me again ....


Madam, please do not hesitate to correct me where I am wrong. Like Aquil Arrindell, you have earned my respect for your habit of being truthful, unlike Pan Trinbago's lying EO/PRO who in now Claude Gonzales' right hand man.


Marcus Ash should note that Dwight Yorke was 17 when he stepped off the plane at Heathrow.

Russell:  Truthful is the only way I know how to be ..... and call me Ingrid.  Madam seems so formal.


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