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Cecil Hinkson: I disagree with you that the market for instrumental music is almost dead

Cecil, Boy: Ah under heavy manners on this forum. Brenda Hosang tell me to stop posting using CAPS. And ah next fellah tell me and bugs not to talk about basketball if we really love pan. And ah buy two CDs from ah english girl and she demanding that I like and approve of the music unequivocally. And Oswald Alexander come back on the forum and telling me to stay in America and help and doh come back home.

And now you telling me that the instrumental music market is almost dead so is ah waste ah time dreaming about a pan CD that could take the world by storm ... so my dreams are turning to ashes and all my hopes into bits of clay (I am sure that you recognize those lyrics).

Ah forget to mention Caspar Durant. Is plenty pressure to stay on this forum boy being a political animal above all else. Anyway, if somebody put down a good pan cd (instrumental with zero vocals) the world go bawl for murder. Ah going to meh grave believing that!!!

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Claude, the time might be perfect for the instrumental to make a serious comeback.


Rewind The Biggest Instrumental Hits of the Past 50 Years

Until “Harlem Shake” came along in 2013, it had been more than 10 years since there was an instrumental in the Billboard Top 10.

The instrumental was once a mainstay of the pop charts. In 1963 alone, there were 10 instrumentals that crashed the Top 10, from the Chantays’ surf -guitar classic “Pipeline” to the easy listening sounds of “More” by Kai Winding and His Orchestra. But in recent years, the form has pretty much disappeared from the airwaves.

read more

Claude - can you please point to any of our communication where I have " demand[ed] that I [i.e. you]  like and approve of the music unequivocally." I have said nothing of the sort. I am grateful for your support but stated that I can only make the music I have in my head and my heart. You may like my music or not, that is up to you, but I have never "demanded" any particular response form you although I did ask for clarification of your sentiments about me falling into "Caribbean pitfalls" - clarification that I have yet not received.

Andy Narell has been making beautiful Pan music for years, I don't think he ever made it to the charts. I can see the Codrington Pan Family busting loose with what they do but it will have to be  a video.

Cecil, Andy may not have made it on the charts but he has certainly made it to the banks. His music is good, and he has done well taking our music the world over. Beautiful Pan music indeed.

Lady Raygun don't take Claude literally. He just having some fun with all of us through his message to you.


Bugs: But I treat this Lady Raygun better than I ever treat you. I never tried to get your email and contact you even doh I know that I could get a ton of pan knowledge from you on the technical performance side. And I am the biggest advocate for recording pan music on this forum just as Cecil (and Glenroy) is the biggest advocate for  bringing back pan on the road for carnival just like it was in the sixties.

So when somebody puts out some Pan Music I am willing to give them a fair hearing. Of course the bar has been set real real high!!!

Bugs like we boy get over the concussion and stale Curry…he just take a stab at Glenroy…lol

Merrytones: But you is ah sports fan yuhself. Man have to move on to the next event tonight when America beats Argentina. Yuh eh see ah catch mehself and strike out the name (ah redacting like the Obama administration). Ah thought you suppose to be busy arranging yuh tune for panorama.

Incidentally, I was living in Washington D.C. when some team named the Golden State Warriors pulled an upset shock defeat on THE WASHINGTON BULLETS ... ah still eh get over that one.

Aye Claude America getting past Argentina a ah tall order.

Not now…not now…ah watching boring Northern Ireland get a football lesson from Germany…is 1-0 so far…Good luck with you and the U.S. beating Argentina tonight…like yuh forget what jest happen to Mexico or wha?...

boy yah see ting...  Glenroy better send him some fresh "Curry"


Lady Raygun: A lot of the exchanges on this forum are embedded with TRINIDAD VERNACULAR and innuendo and banter  -- you will never be able to get it. Just like I will never be able to get your Britishisms if I read your posts in your element. So I was not literal in my little reference to your music. But I would say that you ARE demanding my insights to what I termed your "Caribbean pitfalls" and I have not made up my mind as yet if I want to define my position on this forum. Believe me, ask the posters on this forum -- Claude is not shy about expressing his opinions here. I did go out of my way to find your email contact and invite a private exchange where I would have most likely shared some of my views on your approach to the music.

Believe me, I could write a TEN PAGE ESSAY on the cover of your CD. I read the Kitchener lyrics, perused your musical selections and studied the face of the CD to an extent that will surprise you. In a Freudian way, I put the demand on myself to like your music -- so on some level my comment had some transference. Your attempt to play and record  pan music fascinates me (I should say "fascinated me") on many levels. I had never heard your name before you announced your CD on this forum. So I was excited by what I thought you might bring to the pan recording music business.

As I said, you have a very efficient platform. I will leave it at that for now!!! But if you want to do the music critique dance with me -- you came to the right church.



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