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CECIL HINKSON: Leh we TALK LIKE TWO BIG MEN!!! Yuh DOH THINK that THE BEV should have shown some leadership skills and RESOLVED that VEE PEE issue long time now ...

Now, Cecil, I is ah man who does spend 10 to 12 hours a day following politics and reading about politics and observing POLITICAL LEADERS in THE PROCESS. And my conclusion about BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE is that she is an INDECISIVE LEADER ... and an INDECISIVE LEADER cannot be a good leader unless blessed by SERENDIPITY.

At the time of the election I warned YOU and EARL RICHARDS that it was NO WAY ah woman from TOBAGO who never lived in TRINIDAD and never LIME in NO RUM SHOP or GAMBLING HALL or CARD PLAYING YARD or TRINIDAD PAN YARD could ever come to TRINIDAD and control DEM HARD BACK STEELBAND MEN!!! I made that point quite clear.

So, today, you have THE TREASURER and the ERO running rings around the PRESIDENT treating she like what RUSSELL PROVIDENCE does ah COUNTRY BOOKIE!!!

In her own BEST DECISION-MAKING INTEREST -- BEVERLEY should have accepted the resignation of or FIRED the VEE PEE months ago!!! But did I say that she was INDECISIVE and -- furthermore -- CITY SLICKED by the TWO ABOVE to keep the VEE PEE on the PAYROLL.

Where is HER LEADERSHIP SKILLS? If allyuh really serious about PAN PROGRESS? Yuh want to know what serious about PAN PROGRESS IS: www.weteachpan.org ... go and really check out that site!!!

Look, like every other selfish person in life -- I came to THIS FORUM looking to make some contacts down in TRINIDAD -- MUSIC CONTACTS. And as THE LORD WOULD HAVE IT (that is just a figure of speech -- doh take it LITERALLY) -- I became friends with a few people. One of them is AQUIL ARRINDELL and next week he is OPENING A MUSIC STUDIO DOWN IN SOUTH -- so my TRINIDAD MUSIC DREAMS FIX ... as a result of being on THIS FORUM. Time well spent REWARDS appreciated because I always tell myself that I HAVE TO GET INVOVLED IN THAT MUSIC BUSINESS IN TRINIDAD.

And between you and me -- if AQUIL cannot live up to my MUSICAL EXPECTATIONS ... ah leaving him and going by KENNY PHILLIPS ... because KP knows who I am now!!!

Anyway, leh meh throw my agenda out and get back to the PAN TRINBAGO ISSUE. I know that CORRUPTION is the NORM all over THE WORLD. But what I did not like with BEVERLEY is the PROMISE of HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY when she KNEW THAT SHE DID NOT MEAN IT nor could she KEEP IT even if she wanted to.

But ah was hoping to see her show some LEADERSHIP SKILLS and handle this VEE PEE CORRUPTION in a more EXECUTIVE MANNER. To be honest: I am really feeling sorry for BEVERLEY because she is WAY OUT OF HER LEAGUE in that job.

So since you are the one who employed me to WORK ON THIS FORUM -- as my BOSS ... what do you think I should do with this BIG FAT VEE PEE DOSSIER that I have built over the last 14 months?

And why can't YOU and EARL RICHARDS call up THE BEV and tell her to STAND UP LIKE A MAN to the TREASURER and the ERO and tell them that she will not let no TRINI MAN INTIMIDATE SHE and let her reputation for TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY and HONESTY get besmirched.

Yuh know if ah turn over this VEE PEE DOSSIER to meh PARDNER GREGORY LINDSAY -- what go happen.

The ball is in YOU and EARL RICHARDS court right now!!!

Your WST Employee,

Claude Gonzales

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Well Boi, ah tink yuh better turn over the dossier to Gregory, it too close to Panorama for me to get on the Pres. wrong side, just in case I end up in T&T for Carnival.

Cecil: It sound like yuh going down for THE PANORAMA!!! THE BEV sure to give you VIP PASSES and ting. And all the friends you made from being on THE FORUM sure to treat you like a KING.


Yuh go be a BIG STAR!!!

Run ting ..Doh stick nah man....cause trust meh..rain or shine..I won't.....no failure here


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