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Cecil Hinkson says that he wants PAN TRINBAGO to CONSULT with some BUSINESS MEN

Cecil Hinkson It's not about passing judgement [on PAN TRINBAGO], the pan public know that their task is overwhelming and are concerned. A few years ago Boogsie said we need business people the run the pan movement, a few showed up in the last election and was rejected. I still believe that at this point the movement needs people with a strong business background to help get them beyond their financial woes. It will be in the best interest of everybody if the present executive form a committee and involve these 2 men to assist them.

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This make sense, but the amount of committees is unbelievable. The mas bands alone have many, business people too, and they still fighting. The concern, who is going to guard the guards.

These guys can be an asset to the movement

There have always been business people involved in the culture and carnival. They go where they see profit.
If they're still not involved in pan , maybe it says something.


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