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CECIL HINKSON: Since you are now the GLOBAL VOICE of BEVERLEY and PAN TRINBAGO -- ah want to know how come there is NO announcement of the DEATH of CURTIS PIERRE on their website as of yet ...

Cecil: As you could imagine, I could make A GUESS!!!

But I have to wait for you to do YOUR JOB as GLOBAL DEFENDER OF THE BEV and explain this to me before I jump to conclusions that I have made DECADES AGO!!!

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People in the Global village check out the Forum.

I'm not the voice of Beverley ANYWHERE, It's just that I feel she should be given the opportunity to do her ting, not going to be on her case day in day out.

Cecil..."the opportunity to do her thing"...or "our thing"? So if "we" not in favour of how she is doing "her thing"...Then what?

merrytones "we" put her there to  lead, I figure we should let her.

Cecil: Why don't you CHECK OFF all the accomplishments from the list below after the first year "LEAD" ...

Cecil...I don't know if you're present at the exercise that saw Mme. Ramsey Moore elected as Pan Trinbago President. I was. I voted. Not for her. That alone gives me the right to criticise her if I so choose to do. You probably don't understand what Democracy is, but I do...

Cecil: Ah put your PRECIOUS PRESIDENT in a bind, boy. Now, if they go and run the story on their WEBSITE it would seem as if they are taking instructions from WHENSTEELTALKS and if they stay silent -- well, yuh could imagine which road I am going down.

The moral of the story is that as THE WORLD GOVERNING BODY of PAN with an EXECUTIVE of 10 (-1) and a BIG STAFF, they should be able to stay on top of PAN NEWS of THIS MAGNITUDE.

Unless, of course, the complexities of TRINIDAD SOCIETY forcing them to stay silent ....

Claude:  Pan Trinbago's website now mentions the passing of Curtis Pierre.  However, there is no mention of Aldwin Albino.  They need to be more on the ball with these things.  Historically, it is very important that we remember what the past pan pioneers accomplished for the future pan players!


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