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“Once the music is in motion, the drummer is the ‘conductor’ of a Panorama arrangement - not the person in front of the band, whose role is more theatrical. Great Panorama drummers have a combination of finesse, awareness and power. They ‘captain’ the eight to ten minutes ride, knowing what to highlight on the journey, how to steady the ship and when to unleash the fury.” Garvin Blake - Performing artist, veteran arranger

They are a very special class of percussionists. Champion World-class Steelband Panorama Drummers of Trinidad & Tobago - 1963 to 2019 -- Trinidad & Tobago

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Nice!  I did not know information like this was kept.  

 did not see from 1963-  to2009

 i am sure richard bailey is in here somewhere for phase 2 - woman is boss year


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