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I think that Panorama Format should be changed. Instead of having the Finals for Medium & Large  Bands which is too long and drawn out. They should allow only Large Bands who will Play Two [2] Pieces like how it is done in the Festival. Tune of Choice and a  Test Piece Calypso Piece for like six minutes, it will save a lot of time. Judge both pieces and add both scores and the highest score become Panorama Champion..

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Salah panorama final is too long.

Panorama shouldn't have to take too long, instead of spending all that money to build a stage and then take it down, just build a permanent revolving stage with easy access, so bands can set up and exit with minimal time in between.

If you value "Time is Money" this would make sense, it's no longer "Any Time is Trinidad Time."

This is about how well you manage the process.

odw, I disagree with you on this one. You have me laughing as I am writing, 'Time is Money' is not something Trinidad and Tobago can relate to or will relate to for many years to come. This will ONLY apply to private companies in TT, not TT Government activities. And this is due to the income from oil and gas, its plentiful, hence the reason for poor customer service. Money, no big deal. And its a tradition, trinis love to see workers erect the stands, they get excited, and for them, its all that matters.

why not let both bands -large and medium play one song -5 minutes -then declare the winners and send everybody HAPPY

home "bandit"

Panorama though Musical has become a long Boring agenda. its definitely too long. With all due respect to the Medium Bands by the time they are finished its too late to also have the Large Bands, its becomes a little water down with their inclusion. The Large Bands playing two pieces will spend less time on stage, because they are already on stage. Its less time consuming to accommodate  [8] Bands than [16] Bands. Its Simple Math's. Every goes home at a reasonable time. 

Valentine: Take out yuh bootoo boy, dem fellahs doh want to go home early at all.

People…the two issues here are will and marketing both of which rests with the show organizer, Pan Trinbago. Small and Medium bands never ASKED for a seperate competition. All bands up to the introduction of categories were going along quite merrily with the competition. The mega 5 had and still have the advantage over the rest. The situation has not changed one bit. The problem with the categories is the steady growth of the Small and Single Pan categories and the situation if not dealt with will only get worse. Those categories have become quite unweildly over the years with the not frightening situation of 70 single Pan bands entered this year. Unfortunately Pantrinbago is not an organization known for making and enforcing rules too, which further exacerbates the problem.

As an executive member of a Small band I can tell you for free that we are not happy with the outside child treatment we get from Pan Trinbago, but say what..they set up the competition and they need to properly market it and support it just like they do the Large category. You feel we like playing to empty stands? Of course the increased prize money is great, but feel I enjoy reading dotish comments like "people don't pay them any attention"…etc etc?

The format as it stands is probably the most EQUITABLE solution to the problem of judging differently sized bands. There is no way and band of 60 can effectively compete against one of 120 members. I know some of you out there hope that we Small Bands (I don't hear much griping about single Pan Bands for some reason) will get fed up and die a natural death…but yuh will hope for that till yuh get get old and grey and dead. 

In closing consider this. My band, Merry Tones has for the last 10 years been able to choose from an excess of the maximum 60 players every year. There are Medium bands that struggle to get 60 players. There are large bands that struggle to get 60 to 75 players. Beside of the big 5 all other Large bands are Medium bands in masquerade. Likewise, most Medium bands are Small bands too ashamed of their status to compete where they ought to, and maybe that is a good thing because there are already too much of us Small Bands.

So Merrytones are you prepared to deal with mandatory shutdowns, mergers and hostile take-overs of small bands to solve to problems and strengthen the product.


Bugs…takeovers and shutdowns are already happening…I'll say more later…have to go to practice in a bit

Please leave the Panorama as it is


Ah bet if you talk to  Wire, Professor and their supporters they would have something different to say. For two years they perform for almost empty stands.

That's tough. But whenever the Phase plays last the place is full, stormers et al.


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