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I think that Panorama Format should be changed. Instead of having the Finals for Medium & Large  Bands which is too long and drawn out. They should allow only Large Bands who will Play Two [2] Pieces like how it is done in the Festival. Tune of Choice and a  Test Piece Calypso Piece for like six minutes, it will save a lot of time. Judge both pieces and add both scores and the highest score become Panorama Champion..

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Ok Gerald , well said Bro. I am still hoping for a huge change in TT and I hope the crime rate would eventually subside so that the people can stop living in fear. Beautiful islands but the corruption has to end. No matter where we live TT is and will always be home for us. Even my daughter who is born here still says she is a Trini. Blessings.

Many patrons think Panoram goes on too long. Some love pan and don't care how long they play. Some want to reduce the number of bands, some want to eliminate the smaller bands.

Panorama can never be a be all and end all for everyone, so changes can be contemplated.

As far as being to long, that has been the perennial and long standing complaint.

So as suggested why not reduce the length of the performances, perhaps at least for the medium bands so that the large bands get going earlier.

Consideration should also be given to reducing the number of bands participating in each category. If the performances are reduced by 15 to 20% (as was done when tune length was reduced from 10 to 8 minutes) and the number of participants from 10 to 8 bands (another 20 %) then you have an overall 40% reduction in time so that the 12 hours or so of Panorama is now down to 7 to 8 hours and everybody going home before midnight. After all even panorama fans want to go to fetes or that other thing they do on Saturday night in the stadium.

Or just start the damn thing on time, if you could ever get that done.

Wayne, That is the key there,"just start the damn thing on time"


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