Christmas and Carnival don't ever mix

Panorama starts the Carnival celebrations.

by Michael Joseph 
Former executive officer of Pan Trinbago. Inc. TC

The opinions expressed are solely that of the writer

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - I finally gave up on the battle with myself, trying to keep out of what I carelessly term the people's business; trying to believe that this Steelpan organization business is no longer my business, just for peace sake.

But the warrior spirit in me, keeps tugging at my conscience and better judgment and I can no longer stay silent in light of the road that my organization, our organization, Pan Trinbago is now heading.

Mind you, I am in no way expressing an interest in holding executive position again, given the mass of young, intelligent and energetic Pannists out there. I hope that they will learn the true history of our organization's evolution from rogues and vagabonds to respectability, and maintaining a certain amount of independence, protected by an act of Parliament, Act 5 of 1986, which we strived to fulfill with pride and passion over the years.

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  • Christmas and Carnival don't ever mix says the Archbishop of Port of Spain.

    Don’t rush Christmas he says, after Pan Trinbago rushed into Panorama.

  • Why has Marcus Ash not responded to these unrepentant gangstas? 

    How can the very people who put them in the hole ask, why are they in the hole?

    Does 1 + 1 =  2, or 0 or 11 or -100,000,000 million when is comes to Pan matters and Pan Trinbago?

    Seem like the gangstas are rubbing Marcus Ash and dem face in the do-do.


    • Why wait for Marcus? You have a voice, boom your displeasure. We know what Keith and his group did, we also know what NCC and every Ministry in the country did, but we tend to ‘red and yellow’ it, and it becomes an exercise in ho-hum.

      PanTrinbago is what it is, and will continue to be what it shouldn’t.

      Corruption don’t change, when you put a flag on a new bill. It only changes when you find round pegs to put in round holes.

      • Cut the head off the snake (PT), it's still a snake.  Parliament Act 5 of 1986 is OUTDATED.

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