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Chuma Akil Jahi Watson introduces himself to the WST forum community - Vice Chairman candidate for the Pan Trinbago Inc. northern region election

          Candidate You Can Trust                 Independent Candidate          

1.        Steelband Community Development, Youth and Innovation 

  • To create and develop a specialized craft and academic platforms to prepare the youths of the region, to take advantage of the vast potential global opportunities.
  • Acknowledging and supporting productive programs and processes implemented by the regional steelband’s, in their daily activities.
  • Developing fund raiser events to assist regional steelband’s youth programs.


  1. Creating more opportunities for steelbands and the region to financially benefit.
    • Assisting steelbands in the development of their panyards i.e panyard security, structural, educational, business, etc.
    • Recording and presenting the history and culture of our national instrument, with a view to raise national and global awareness.
    • To explore various avenues to produce regional, national and international events, programs and opportunities.


  1. Producing a database of Business Organizations within the region, with the intent:
    1. To boost financial, goods, and material support to unsponsored northern regional  
    2. To source needed assets for northern regional steelband’s workshops, events, cultural exchanges etc.
    3. To partnership with business entities, in social development programmes.


  1. Strengthen relationships with the Steelbands and their communities.
    • Conduct meetings with band leaders, members, parents, and the wider community, to develop ideas on the way forward.
    • Improving the social environment of steelbands.
    • Getting steelbands more involved with their community development and related activities which can keep youths positively occupied, self- driven and goal oriented. 


  1. Documenting steelband activities and their social connections to their communities.
    • To record the activities within the region and display it on our media site.
    • Create a Northern Region documentary encyclopaedia and display them at our national libraries and the steelpan museum.


  1. Ethical and productive representation.
    • Working alongside the future elected chairman to vastly improve the regional bands and their communities.
    • Working in the best interest of members of the Northern Region in the main, and Pan Trinbago, as a whole.
    • Adhering to the directives of the membership, the Central Executive and the Northern Region Executive.


  1. Recognizing and awarding Regional stalwarts for their contributions to their Steelband, community and the general Pan fraternity


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