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Remembering - Claudette Baptiste - Founder of Women in Steel

by Colette Baptiste

Global - Claudette Baptiste was born to Yvonne and Ruthven Callendar in the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. She married her childhood sweetheart and love of her life Saint Aubyn Charles Baptiste. In this union, Claudette was blessed with her pride and joy, her children, Colette and Robert Baptiste. Claudette was also a devoted big sister to her younger sister Diane and her little brother Stokely. The love and bond that she shared with her siblings were unbreakable.

My mother, also referred to as “MA,” had a deep passion for babies and young people. She often was surrounded by young people, just hanging out shooting breeze. Our friends always adored and admired our mother for the tolerance and interests that she showed in the younger generation. Claudette was selfless and always made space in her home and heart for anyone else who may have needed a place to call home or just crash for a night or two …..Or three. With that said, Robert and I have a few adopted siblings.

This passion for young people led her to the birth of Women In Steel. Women In Steel is an all-female steel orchestra and young women’s development organization. It was founded in March (Women’s Month) in the year 1994, out of sincere aspiration to educate and model for young girls socially, emotionally, and culturally through the art form of the steel drum or the pan. Women in steel became her work in progress and eventually her legacy.

Women In Steel
Women In Steel

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