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CLAUDIA JONES founder of the Notting Hill Carnival

CLAUDIA JONES founder of the Notting Hill Carnival was born in Trinidad. She moved to the United States with her family when she was eight years old.

In early adulthood Claudia Jones joined the Young Communist League in the US, eventually becoming its Director and editor of its national newspaper.

Imprisioned several times for her political activism Claudia Jones was deported from the US to the United Kingdom in 1955 rather than her home country of Trinidad where it was feared that she would stirred people up.

Claudia Jones continued her political agitation in the UK where she worked with other activists of African descent including Amy Ashwood Garvey. She founded the West Indian Gazette, the first black weekly newspaper in the UK, in 1958 and in early 1959 the first "Carnival" was held

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apparently the thought process by detractors and neuvo historians is "" if you muddy the waters enough people wont get the facts"" unquote.  LET  me state again.  The LONDON STREET CARNIVAL was NOT  started by any one person. There were a group of people in 1965 (in All Saints Church basement Labroke Grove)  discussing having a street carnival   Two of those people were LESLIE PALMER (teacher, Trumpeter from T&T) and I (paddy Corea musician). The FIRST LONDON street carnival took place the next year 1966. I discontinued my presence because of my musical commitments.   paddy corea

As always, thanks for the info Paddy...

It seems that Ms. Claudia Jones was an important and powerful activist on behalf of black progress in Britain in the nineteen fifties and sixties, a time when the modern struggle for racial equality was in its infancy.

As usual, Pan Times has done a great job of raising our awareness of this important leader and activist, and her contributions to the advancement of the social and economic conditions of our black brothers and sisters in Britain.

As a leader in the black community, I suspect that she may have had some involvement in the beginning of the Notting Hill festival, though given her obvious interests in political activism, such involvement may have been limited.

We in this forum are fortunate to have a lot of "old timers" who were around when many historical events relating to the steelband and Carnival occurred, and are therefore able to set the record straight.


So, thank you Paddy Corea.

People like you need to step forward and make sure the real story is told, for the historical record.

Like I said, we're fortunate to have people like you who were on the ground back then, and to have this forum where we can set the record straight..


I will endeavour to get Leslie Palmers phone or address in Tobago. Bro James (San Juan All Stars) from Bim Bim Lane  San Juan (living in Harlem) is the only one I know who has communicated with Leslie recently. Will try to find him. Bro James is also a musician. (congas, tympani, cowbells, glockenspeil and general rhythm) paddy corea

Does anyone here on the forum know the book: "Notting Hill Carnival" by Sebastian Klöß? It's a PhD thesis published in 2014, but as far as I know not translated into English yet. I got it two days back and hope I'll find the time to read it (500 pages).


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