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Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) has signed an agreement for live television and radio coverage of Carnival 2014.

As a result, the popular frequencies CTV and Talk City 91.1 FM would broadcast the major steelband, calypso and mas shows organised by Pan Trinbago, Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Association (TUCO) and National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) respectively.

The agreement was signed today (Friday) following negotiations that involved the National Carnival Commission (NCC).

Broadcast begins this weekend with live coverage of the steelband semi-finals from Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

CNMG’s Chief Executive Officer Ken Ali said coverage of Carnival 2014 again confirms the State media’s commitment to the national festival and to local culture in general. This is particularly revealing, he said, in light of the continued indifference to steelband, calypso and mas by so-called national television stations.

In addition to NCC events, CNMG would provide broadcast coverage of other significant Carnival events, such as tonight’s Ladies Night Out concert.

CNMG is providing wider Carnival programming this year, compared to previous years. Primetime programmes include concerts, parties, variety shows, features and interviews.

"CNMG is deeply committed to the national festival and we are showing that even more than ever this year," said Ali. He said several innovations have been introduced to the coverage of this year’s Carnival. He said broadcast quality would once more be of international standard.

Mr. Ali thanked Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism Dr. Lincoln Douglas and Minister of Communications Gerald Hadeed for their roles in negotiating the NCC agreement.

From the CNMG news desk

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Yeah, live coverage of semi finals on Sunday.

Did not see anything here about Internet Streaming.

Doesn't CTV live stream on the internet?

Where is the internet feed and price

There's so much potential for Pan Trinbago to make more money...getting Pan on cable is one option, live streaming for a fee is another...they need to begin focusing on the global Pan community.

Each and every year I lament about the same possibility. I would gladly pay for a live stream with great sound and great picture. Is this too much to ask for? Maybe I'm missing something here.

hey we ALL happily paid for the Carnival TV feed in HD for finals -  of COURSE we'll be happy to pay for a feed of semi's too...   will they EVER get it together???  They move like flicking molasses in January.

Deciding on who gets broadcast rights ONE DAY before semi-finals is way too late.

be grateful to see see anything - should be free as well to promote carnival & pan

Could I chat with you...Catt.....What happened to CTNT and its chat connections...Any words on that ...I met some great Trini friends last year....at that Chat connection....Can you Help ?

ah, Lloyd i don't know, looked there today and they did not have it..  but - then again, i have NEVER seen a feed for single pan/small band.... last few years CTNT only had the Sunday feed with medium and large, and no video, only radio. so maybe we can hear it there tomorrow, i'll be checking.

And sure, free would be nice - but a live streaming production on the internet costs money.  - i dunno how anyone would want to come out they pocket for that... they MUST charge a fee  - paying for streaming rights is not cheap, must pay also for equipment - cameras, mic's, hire staff, cameramen, set up websites, etc -  alla that takes money and time -  it needed to be done WEEKS ago to have a feed ready to go for this weekend. but - what? .... no decision on who get the broadcast rights til last flicking minute - and that's not even COUNTING the internet streaming rights. it can't work.

So i am happy to pay a fee for it ..... IF it meant it would make the deciding body get offa their behinds and get it together in enough advance time that it could actually happen and we could actually GET it.  feh.

Very good comment on streaming rights.  Most of us do not realise how much work goes into the preparation for using the internet and more importantly, the cost.   As a Retired IT Professional, I am very proud of the IT work done in Trinidad and Tobago and can attest to the fact that it requires deep pockets - in terms of budget - to get it together and to maintain it! 

Give them time.  It will happen eventually.


very optimistic maybe in years to come when tech changes again - good luck


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