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The results from the preliminary rounds are in. Big Up to all the panorama participants...

check it out

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Melodians piping hot in the Eastern Zone medium band category! Good going by Amrit Samaroo.

Anyone got any video or audio of Arima Golden Symphony from prelims as yet?

I was blown away  by the arrangement that Venessa Headley put down for Golden Hands, it won't be long before this young lady is going up against the big-boys.

AGREED..and she is a Music Literacy Trust scholar

Ah getting this VIBE, that FONCLAIRE is going to be 2012 panorama champions.

AGREED, the Prof works so hard and it would be very nice indeed...

I am happy for all the finalists, especially Exodus, Renegades, Trinidad All Stars, Harmonites, Tropical Angel Harps, and Invaders.  I will really miss Despers though. 

omg  that was some sweet pan!  I loved Invaders too!  But I absolutely loved All Stars' performance!  Everyone did a great job with their piece. 


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