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Comments on the Panorama Rules 2011 - A WST Panorama Special

A When Steel Talks Panorama Competition Special - By: Dr. Jeannine Remy

You want me to do what?

I found an email in my box from WST (no given name) asking if I could pen an article on the 2011 Panorama rules. My reply to this mystery person was, “What are you looking for exactly?” The response came back, “As one who has participated in the event on many different levels (judge, educator, player, commentator and arranger) you are in a good position to comment on how these rules have shaped the competition.” I decided to take the challenge.

.... I was a bit hesitant about agreeing to write something since there are so many controversial issues this season and I did not want to get caught up in any argument. Some of these issues started in December 2010 ranging from the threatening boycotts, the $800 prelim payment, Boogsie’s lyrics, the 2 million dollar first prize, the revamped judging sheets, and the possible benchmarking of scores… to name a few. As pointed out by WST, I have been on both sides of the fence so I agreed to cautiously address the tip of the iceberg… so here it goes.


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aaahhhh, wonderful article Dr Remy. thanks for posting this, i am always glad to hear anything and everything you have to say on all things pan. I learn so much from your input - even a few new words here in this article I had to run go look up.  Fascinating -


bravo, nicely done, excellent study material for me...

Excellent.  Thanks Dr. Remy and WST for providing this.


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