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Comparing the RENEGADES and DESPERADOES versions of "YEAR FOR LOVE"

This is not my topic!!! I am just following the orders of Ms. Gillian Bishop as she wants a musical discussion integrated into the back and forth. Earlier today I made a call for KNOWLEDGEABLE MUSIC PEOPLE on the forum to come forward and discuss the 2018 Panorama Performances.

Ms. Bishop took the initiative and drew a musical comparison between Renegades and Desperadoes when she said that one band used the song to reflect the violence in the society and the other chose to represent the sweet voice of VOICE.

What are your thoughts and interpretations of the performances.

(Gillian: You just put me in a trap because merrytonestothebone and doctor delight just waiting for me to say the wrong thing about RENEGADES and they want to chop off my head. But that is OKAY!!! No rank!!! I just try to keep the forum going -- not just at PANORAMA.)

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Pan Rebel, I will share a story with you about Boogsie later and what may have influenced the mellowing of his style.....later

Look forward to it

Boogsie spent two years away from his pan. During that time he had the use of a piano only  When he came back and was reunited with his pan, his music became more chorded, some say, more sophisticated. Since then, I believe, he developed a greater appreciation for Bradley’s work. He still retains that “rough it up” styling but his music can be quite mellow. Those who attended the Big Five Concert last year will remember he played the piano during the piece Phase 2 did with 3 canal, Talk yuh talk. I expect someone will have an opposing point of view and will declare I’m talking nonsense so brace yourself, Pan Rebel. I however couldn’t care less!!!

I'm back in the thing Claude, sometimes duty calls! I think Duvone took the more passionate and expressive approach to interpret the theme of the song which you can hear in passages like " let there be peace on earth", while Zanda went for a more commanding and aggressive approach particularly when they phrase the start of the chorus and the rhythmic change to that shango pulse in the jam.I do think that renegades are cleaner and have a slightly brighter tone, it could be due to the choice of keys though.

Let's not forget the sleeper in the in the mix  Mr Sharpe who has mixed soca  with jazz  and went for clarity in the semis instead of adding new music or putting on an end to the piece, a lot can happen in 2 weeks, we're in for a treat !

Like I said earlier, " HELLO" this is the "YEAR FOR LOVE" and it "SWEET FUH DAYS" !!

I agree, Anthony. But you know how agreeing with you gets us both into trouble, lol

It's okay a little trouble is good for the nervous system LOL !! I don't know if you saw my post with Harmonites doing a Bradley's arrangement of Panama back in 1988, it was never completed because they got kicked out of the semi finals but that piece of music solidifies your story about Sharpe embracing Bradley's work. 

Anyhow I don't want to sound too bias so i'll give my take on Skiffle, they were very lively, had some nice passages and very powerful, somehow the parts don't seem to be flowing into each other, sometimes that occurs with more than one arranger, they also need to clean and tighten up some intricate parts in the arrangement.

As for the reigning champs they were very clean as expected by All Stars and a lot of movement up and down the scales with driving tempo, which makes for a winning formula but their arrangement is not as sophisticated and imaginative as the front runners, some will argue that it's carnival who  needs sophistication just give we jam ! 

Special mention goes out to Exodus who may not have the top arrangement but always come over in HD Stereo, immaculate balance in the sound of this band .

Anthony: I want to FRAME THESE WORDS: "some will argue that it's carnival who needs sophistication just give we jam!"

Yuh talking MY LANGUAGE!!! Give me a nice INTRO and make sure that when it turns into the verse of the song it is seamless and does not have any DROP OFF. Make it to the CHORUS and then JAM JAM JAM. But make sure that when you play that first calypso verse and chorus that I am hearing 100 fidelity to the RECORD.Then you could show you how you balance ALL YOUR PANS and then you go back to the CALYPSO in whatever KEY CHANGES and RHYTHM CHANGES and then you go back to the CARNIVAL JAM. I also like to hear the RHYTHM SECTION driving the authentic CALYPSO BEAT (ALL STARS has mastered that this year). After that I give you a little leeway but I am expecting you to FINISH UP with the HEAVIEST CALYPSO JAM your band can deliver.

So, as you say, just give me THE CALYPSO JAM!!!

I hate when bands do not absolutely faithfully replicate the verse and chorus in the first statement of the piece. That being said Bradley used to throw all of that out the window but was brilliant! 

But if you observed Bradley mostly did that with an out of the box song in order to bring life to the verse or chorus of what would have been either a spacious or short verse and chorus, when he went with songs that were composed with a structure more adaptable to pan he replicated that verse and chorus to perfection.But either way he was  brilliant !

Just a minor correction Anthony.  Harmonites that year never even made it to the semis.  They were eliminated at the preliminary stage.

Sad because I believe we the public were robbed of a budding masterpiece.   I remember hearing them on the radio and the bass lines in particular were mesmeric.

Yes you're so correct I meant to say before the semi final stage, thanks bro.

All good man.  Respect

Long shot....but.....you not related to Sidney Joseph by any chance?


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