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Comparing the RENEGADES and DESPERADOES versions of "YEAR FOR LOVE"

This is not my topic!!! I am just following the orders of Ms. Gillian Bishop as she wants a musical discussion integrated into the back and forth. Earlier today I made a call for KNOWLEDGEABLE MUSIC PEOPLE on the forum to come forward and discuss the 2018 Panorama Performances.

Ms. Bishop took the initiative and drew a musical comparison between Renegades and Desperadoes when she said that one band used the song to reflect the violence in the society and the other chose to represent the sweet voice of VOICE.

What are your thoughts and interpretations of the performances.

(Gillian: You just put me in a trap because merrytonestothebone and doctor delight just waiting for me to say the wrong thing about RENEGADES and they want to chop off my head. But that is OKAY!!! No rank!!! I just try to keep the forum going -- not just at PANORAMA.)

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Sherwin: I love your contribution. But I have a question for you!!! In the LAND OF CALYPSO AND STEELBAND do you think that it is KOSHER to have our STEELBANDS putting CLASSICAL and JAZZ  music into a competition that exemplifies the CULTURE OF TRINIDAD: STEELBAND and CALYPSO?

Claude, both are PART of T&T culture IMO.  As a result, of course it’s “kosher”.

look how easily you use a Jewish terminology to advocate your point about the culture of Trinidad &Tobago.

by that token one could say you should have used “propah” or “irie” ;-)

All these opinions about a subjective ART this should be disscussed after the Finals when Supernovas and All Stars and possibly the best sounding Band in the Competition Exodus have had their Say!

Each orchestra is speaking in their own traditional voice and styles. 

Renegades - slick, smooth, passionate, religious.

Desperadoes - aggressive, focused, syncopated, spiritual. 

Awesome musicianship own both sides.

Zanda's voicings across the orchestra is simply outrageous. Duvone's transitions are masterful. 

It's simply a matter of which do you prefer on your grapefruit. Sugar or Salt & Peper?


Well said Bugs.

Good example ' Rebecca'---Despers & Allstars.

Claude...according to our dear friend from the Southland Aquil...You really have a knack for chaining up people...When Despers won Panorama in 1976 with Pan in Harmony, there was no need for comparison. When they again won in 1999 with In My House, there was no need for comparison. When All Stars won in 1980 and 1981 with Woman on the Bass and Unknown Band respectively no one dared compare them to any other band. So tell me now. Why in 2018 are you trying to lead people into believing that any other band can compare with Renegades? Eh?...you only like baccahanal oui?...


Renegades sound real good. But you being the veteran that you are, know full well that the order of appearance will be a critical factor in this Panorama. I can't see anyone playing in position 1 and holding on to win.


Despers did it with Musical Volcano so not impossible.

But your point well taken

Renegades - Year For Love

Despers - Year For Love

Miss Gillian

Gillian: I have a joke for you. If when you were a CHILD they had taught you to play BASEBALL you might have turned out to be one of the BEST BASEBALL HITTERS EVER!!!


Because you could recognize a BALL from a STRIKE!!!



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