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Comparing the RENEGADES and DESPERADOES versions of "YEAR FOR LOVE"

This is not my topic!!! I am just following the orders of Ms. Gillian Bishop as she wants a musical discussion integrated into the back and forth. Earlier today I made a call for KNOWLEDGEABLE MUSIC PEOPLE on the forum to come forward and discuss the 2018 Panorama Performances.

Ms. Bishop took the initiative and drew a musical comparison between Renegades and Desperadoes when she said that one band used the song to reflect the violence in the society and the other chose to represent the sweet voice of VOICE.

What are your thoughts and interpretations of the performances.

(Gillian: You just put me in a trap because merrytonestothebone and doctor delight just waiting for me to say the wrong thing about RENEGADES and they want to chop off my head. But that is OKAY!!! No rank!!! I just try to keep the forum going -- not just at PANORAMA.)

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Too much old talk, one of the best semifinals in years. lots of nice old time calypso's being played by the medium bands, from Arrow's Long time to Brigo's Limbo Break being played by four times winners Pan Elders. Pan Elders are way out in front and about to make it #5, my 3 picks for the Large Bands is Renegades, Desperadoes and Phase 2 or Renegades Phase 2 Desperadoes.

This shoot out this year reminds me of 1985 when these two stalwart orchestras played the same tune and wound up in a dead heat. Gillian Bishop’s and all points of view are well taken but predicting a blowout by Renegades is a risky proposition 

Simply because it diminishes the excellence and ability of our community of arrangers to perform that special magic on the big night. In short I am not handing this one away to any one in particular since a lot can go right or wrong in a final- night performance. Whoever wins will have to put down work because the points are not cumulative and what went before counts for nothing in the minds of the judges since they will have new music sheets handed to them on the big day. So I suggest that we let the music play and may the best band win.They are all a wonderful tribute to our culture and our magical national instrument. God bless them all.

Kentish: That was a NICE PASSAGE!!! I enjoyed reading it!!! Even though I believe that SECRETARIAT done FLY THE GATE and RACE DONE!!!

This could well be the subject of another post. Some bands are famous for their cone-behind wins and these final night bands are legendary. The most famous of these are All Stars and Desperadoes. When they “see the wire” anything is possible. On the other hand, Boogsie can effect a complete do over of his tune in these last days and Skiffle are “smelling blood” this year. It’s going to be a very competitive final!


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