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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. 

2018 Single Pan Bands  Prelims Results

Posn BandName Selection Composer Performer Arranger Points
1 Woodbrook Playboyz Ah Want It Johnston King Johnny King The Group 278.00
2 T & T Fire Service Du Du Yemi aka Natasha Slinger Francisco Mighty Sparrow Terrence 'BJ' Marcelle 277.00
2 Pan Jammers Signal To Lara Austin Lyons Superblue Robert Tobitt 277.00
4 La Famille United Golo Russell Cadogan Second Imij ft. Russell Cadogan Triston Marcano 276.00
5 Metro Stars Rant And Rave Christopher Herbert Tambu Ken 'Professor' Philmore & Steve Jack 272.00
6 Trinidad Nostalgic By All Means Unk Machel Montano w. Xtatik Amrit Samaroo 271.50
7 Chord Masters Stranger Winston Bailey Shadow Esan Smith 271.00
8 Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony The Hammer David Rudder David Rudder Carlon Harewood 270.00
8 Uni Stars Bun Dem Leroy Calliste Black Stalin Kareem Brown 270.00
8 Pan Fanatics Doh Back Back Slinger Francisco Mighty Sparrow Lyndon Rowley 270.00
11 San Juan All Stars Iron Man Aldwyn Roberts Lord Kitchener Hammond Mitchell & Seon Villoreul 269.50
12 Nu Pioneers Pan Groove Black Man Feeling To Party Leroy Calliste Black Stalin Shaun Marcano 269.00
12 Shades In Steel Bounce Austin Lyons Superblue Dante Pantin 269.00
12 Edinburgh 500 Steel Ensemble Rock It Dennis Williams Merchant Andre Boldan 269.00
12 Marsicans Party Time Again Errol Ballantyne Bally Marlon White 269.00
16 Platinum Soca Baptist Austin Lyons Superblue [Blue Boy] Natasha Joseph 268.00
17 La Creole Pan Groove Signal To Lara Austin Lyons Superblue Jamal 'Mec Mec' Gibbs 267.00
17 Star Sapphire Black Man Feeling To Party Leroy Calliste Black Stalin ? 267.00
17 Curepe Polyphonics Leave Me Alone [Rmx] McArthur Lewis, Manu Chao & Machel Montano Calypso Rose & Machel (Remix) Nathaniel 'Crix' Flemming 267.00
17 San Juan East Side Symphony Dis Party Is It Christopher 'Tambu' Herbert Tambu Akiba Joseph 267.00
21 Arima All Stars This Melody Sweet Winsford Devine Baron Brian Austin 266.00
21 New Age Trendsetters Bacchanal Austin Lyons Superblue N. Joseph, K. Sobers & M. Phillips 266.00
23 Gonzales Sheikers Jab Jab Austin Lyons Superblue Michelle Huggins-Watts 265.00
23 Rio Claro Koskeros Nah Do Dat Neil 'Iwer' George Iwer George Kenny Pascal 265.00
25 Trinidad East Side Symphony Nah Do Dat Neil 'Iwer' George Iwer George Anslem Campbell 264.00
26 T&T Prison Service Doh Stop This Party Rupert Philo Swallow Terrence Sealy 263.00
27 Tiger Tanks Fyzabad 4th. Dimension Sumintra Gregory Ballantyne Rikki Jai Carlon Lyons 262.00
28 Pan Elites Ah Feeling It Winsford Devine Baron Gillian 'Toby' Tobias 261.00
28 D'Original Woodbrook Modernaires Dingolay Winston Bailey Shadow Ankona 'Bobby' Paul 261.00
30 Stardust Ah Feeling Ah Feeling Lead Pipe & Saddis Lead Pipe & Saddis Jason 'Peanuts' Isaac 260.00
30 Nostrand Symphony Melosian Rhapsody Winsford Devine Baron Clive Telemaque 260.00
32 Nuttin Big Pan Groove Tourist Leggo McLean Emmanuel Short Shirt Lesedi Felix 259.00
32 Pan On The Move Nah Do Dat Neil 'Iwer' George Iwer George Committee 259.00
32 All Aces Symphony Ra-Ti Ray Dennis Williams Designer Michael Marcus Glasgow 259.00
35 T & T Defence Force Dead or Alive Shurwayne Winchester Shurwayne Winchester Kion Robinson 257.00
36 Cocorite Road Pan Groovers This Melody Sweet Winsford Devine Baron Sheldon Peters 256.50
37 Pan Stereonetts Say Say Winsford Devine Baron Akil Brown 256.00
38 Brimblers Unknown Band Aldwyn Roberts Lord Kitchener Kevin 'Bones' Holder 253.00
38 Scrunters Pan Groove Swing Austin Lyons Superblue Alexis 'Lecky' Hope 253.00
40 Natural Mystic Wine Yuh Waist Mama Jeffrey Thomas Prince Unique Rickie Williams 252.50
41 East Phonics Full Extreme Ultimate Rejects Ultimate Rejects ft. MX Prime Richard Jones 252.00
41 North Eastern All Stars Pan In Danger Dennis Williams Merchant Leston Paul & The Committee 252.00
43 Spree Simon Harmonics No Kill Joy Kernal Roberts Kernal Roberts & Tim Tim Cyllan Franklyn 249.00
43 St. Thomas Silver Stars Single Orlando Octave, Emmanuel Rudder, Dale Ryan & Brandon Villafana Orlando Octave Dianne Cummings 249.00
45 Magic Notes Rebirth Pan In Danger Dennis Williams Merchant Rishi Depoosingh 236.00
46 Ice Water Pan Ensemble Sweet For Days Jovan James Patrice Roberts Eric McAllister 235.00
46 Jah Roots Mama Look A Boo Boo Fitzroy Alexander Lord Melody The Band 235.00
48 Pan Angels Trini Rodney La Blanc Benjai Ricardo Dennis 234.50
49 La Romaine Super Vibes Full Ah Vibes Marge Blackman Voice & Marge Blackman Garvin Williams & Hudson Henry 221.00
50 Harlem Syncopators We Rocking All Night Yaseu Osei Rootsman Brian Griffith 217.00
51 Sea Lots One Love The Hills Thrills Shirlene Hendrickson Shirlene Hendrickson Ian Baird 213.00
52 Free Lancers Pan Groove Woman On The Bass Owen Reyes Johnson Scrunter Bertram Kellman 210.00
53 D' Untouchables Pan Groove The Hammer David Rudder David Rudder 200.00


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They TIE meh band for 8th and we have 8 POINTS to MAKE UP. Ah thought EVERYBODY know that Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony is the BEST SINGLE PAN BAND in the COUNTRY.

Except the judges, I guess!!!

Cecil: Are they broadcasting the show? Nice OLD PEOPLE MUSIC!!!

Tourist Leggo: The GREATEST CALYPSO ever made!!! NAH DO DAT!!! THE HAMMER!!! WOMAN ON THE BASS!!! WE ROCKING ALL NIGHT. This might be the BEST part of the WHOLE PANORAMA. All praises to KEITH DIAZ!!!

But wait nah!!! They PUT Ice Water Pan Ensemble quite down in 46. How merrytonestothebone go ever get to arrange for a BIG BAND if he cannot even beat these SINGLE PAN ARRANGERS.

To beat any band people have to come out and learn the music ...practice it...then perform it...the rules haven't changed...We called practice since November last year but very few players responded...we ended up doing an offering in two days...You get out of anything exactly what you put into it...I was there every single practice night so don't blame me...I did my part....

Star Sapphire's arranger is Ashley Weekes.


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