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Condolences to Mr. Cecil "Tortee" Philgence of Pantime Steel Orchestra

When Steel talks extends condolences to Mr. Cecil "Tortee" Philgence and Pantime Steel Orchestra on the passing of his wife.

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Hold on strong my brother. The Good Lord will help you through this.

May she rest in perfect peace :( Accept our deepest condolences... from all of us at Pantastic Muzik Steel Orchestra

Where Angels sing and flowers bloom

Auntie Pam will be listening to a pan tune

Observing you practice observing you play

Applauding when you do it Tortie's way

May Pleasant memories comfort "Tortie" and the Caribbean Metals Pantimes Family

Oh how she loved those children and the Children of the Schools where she tought

Her Legacy of love will forever be with those of us who were fortunate to know her


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