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Congratulations to Phase II Pan Groove and Buccooneers - 2013 Champions

When Steel Talks extends congratulations to Phase II Pan Groove and Buccooneers. 


Large Bands
1. Phase II
2. All Stars
3. Renegades
4, Exodus
5. Skiffle
6. Invaders
6. Desperadoes
8. Fonclaire, Silver Stars
10. Redemption Sound Setters
Medium Bands
1. Buccooneers
2. Sounds Specialists
3. Katzenjammers
4. Curepe Scherzando
5. Pan Elders
6. Couva Joylanders
7. Valley Harps
7. Steel Xplosion
9. Dixieland
10. Arima Angel Harps

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Well deserved for Phase II Congrats


Yuh have ah good band.

Thanks so much. Buccooneers deserved it. Champs of Steel, here we come!


I thoroughly enjoyed the superb performance by Phase II of "More Love". 

Congratulations to my band Phase 11 ,Boogsie is boss

After hearing Phase, their was no doubt in my mind.....the other bands had to settle for 2nd place.

who came 2nd and 3rd in the large band category?   anyone knows?

all stars second Bp  3rd

Congrats to Seion Gomez and Bucconneers on a  great performance. A  well deserved win indeed!!

Boogsie at his best, he is so on the button when calls it 'New Music'. Hail to the PHASE, your arranger keeps mellowing with

age, so creative. He rightfully sees no need to recycle, he is doing something great for pan. Long live Boogsie and Phase II

Pan Groove, a band that I have always kept close to my heart from day one.

More Love to you Phase II. That was an arrangement we'll remember in years to come. Classic!!


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