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CONGRATULATIONS to all the women in the "Celebration of Women and the Steelpan Art Form" series!!!

I enjoyed reading the various profiles and feeling the joy, passion and pain emanate from the virtual pages as the stories were told. In turn, I want to encourage all the PLAYERS to think COMPOSITION and RECORDING. There is a GLOBAL DEMAND for PAN MUSIC that is NOT BEING MET. See yourself as that person who will bring the pieces of PAN MUSIC that will cross continents.

To the players in New York, you have a big advantage because you live in a city with some of the greatest music producers in the world. Reach out and start finding small producers who are on the rise and get them to help you record your music. And when you do, use the American side of your brain because you are making music for THE BIG MARKET.

Some of you are dying to make a living playing the PAN. I encourage you to believe in the dream. Even if you have to take a 9 to 5 job, keep the vision of one day becoming that PROFESSIONAL PERFORMER and work towards it in your free time.

The two WEST COAST women who were featured are fully employed in the "MUSIC BUSINESS" and  bring very diverse backgrounds to PAN MUSIC. I would encourage them to COMPOSE and RECORD PAN MUSIC with the foreign flavor they bring to the instrument. 

The world is waiting for some WORLD CLASS pan music and I am hoping that one of the women featured in this series could jump to the forefront and deliver that music, filling the GLOBAL AIRWAVES with the sound of PAN MUSIC.

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