Congratulations to Doctor Clifford Alexis of NIU

When Steel Talks extends congratulations to musician, tuner, arranger, educator and director of NIU Steelband, Clifford Alexis on his acceptance of the title of "Doctor" from Northern Illinois University.  

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  • A prophet without honor in his own country.
  • Congratulations to you Cliff.  It shows that Pan is slowly but surely getting the attention and recognition that it rightfully deserves.  It shows that your hard work did not go unnoticed.  This achievement is extremely significant, not only for you, but to Trinidad and Tobago, all the pioneers and family of panists of this great masterpiece in music called "Steel Pan". Let's keep the tempo.

  • Dr. Alexis, 

    Just got the word.

    All I need to say about you and your doctorate is that one of your singular achievements in pan cum social affairs happened that bone-cold snowy morning when I arrived at a Minnesota district to work on a feature story about your goal to integrate an all-white high school with blacks who had never heard or seen a pan. You had the white students jamming. No wonder Blacks gravitated toward your cultural experiment and became enthralled by your "magic."

    The rest of the high school experiment remains history. A few of the brothers later formed a successful pop group that brought up their pan experience on a late-night talk show interview.

    Yeah, Dr. Alexis, you did well, alright. In spades.

    Congratulations. (I hope to get that decades-old story published by the Trinidad Guardian to WST so readers could fathom the pioneer that you've always been.

    Dalton Narine

  • Congratulations Dr. Alexis!

  • .......Congratulations my friend, well deserved !!!

  • Looking good in your cap and gown Bro. the life of steelband/pan has paid off, all them buss head and ducking from iron bolt never stop yuh from going in the pan yard, now look at yuh  Dr. Clifford Alexis.

  • Congratulations to my good friend Dr Clifford Alexis on his great achievement leasing the way for others to come and hope its very inspiring to those that coming up in the steelband field Great and Congrats my brother 

    Robert Greenidge

  • Congratulations on your latest achievement.
    Brenda H.
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