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pal is 3.20 in the am. wane you doh sleep?

What did I say Mr Gonzales?....


Man Sah!  Everything is documented. 

....and...this time around the point really told the true story of competition...Say what yuh want ...Renegades performance tonight was the best I have ever heard on a Panorama final night...

Renegades did both — Play at the #1 position in the finals AND win!!

MerryTonesToTheBone, after the semis, you made a very succinct comment that will forever resonate whenever I think of Panorama 2018. You said, "Renegades' dominance is confusing the rest of the field...they seem to have no answer."
You called it!

I put the following question to you and/or Mr. Ian Franklin, the Forum's statistician (I call him the 'Numbers man'). And to anyone else for that matter who can shed some light.

My Question:- Has any band ever won the finals playing from the #1 position, having also won both the prelims AND the semis?

Nah....can't say for sure....Ian will have to answer that one...I was also hearing tonight that only Renegades, Despers and All Stars have ever played first and won

I asked the same question; no reply yet. Some have said in happened twice already.

After 21 yrs!

The expressions on the faces of the young players (many of whom were still in diapers in 1997) is an experience I'll always cherish.

One old horse like mehself wept!

Just came from the yard - sheer ecstacy

Come to think of it...maybe Despers in 1976 with Pan in Harmony did it...maybe...

Thank you.

287 = 96%

285 = 95%

Numerical statements I won't forget!


BPtt Renegades under Stewart's fastidious but inspirational supervision unleashed an unparalleled musical arrangement (sans the imagined sounds of gunshots) that lovingly enraptured the Queen's Park Savannah. It transcended band affiliation and/or band loyalty. It infused that feeling you feel when you are about to feel that feeling you have not felt before. At least, not in recent years! :-)

If quality pan music moves you, you were moved. And if you were moved, then you know what love feels like. For in those intimate love-filled minutes, there WAS peace on earth.  And fleeting reverie though it may be, ... all ah we became one familyyyyyy. 

Undoubtedly, this was no surprise to Mr. A.L. Nunes, by far Renegades' staunchest supporter, who professed through his vatic statement that he had full confidence in Stewart and that Renegades will deliver an unforgettable performance. So (confidently) stated. So (impressively) done.


As I proclaimed at the very inception, ... this is the year for love.
As I prognosticated, ... this is Duvone Stewart's year.
As I presciently confided, ... the Panorama judges would get it right this year (after all, they had a bloody year to practise!).  :-)
As I am, ... deLighted.

What pure elation Mr. Stewart must be experiencing now, having reinstated Renegades' winning Panorama tradition, and in so doing, honour his incomparable predecessor, Dr. Jit Samaroo.

There can be no better way to celebrate a Steel orchestra's 70-year anniversary than to manifest with utter finesse, a musical dominance from pole to pole, from start to finish, from the preliminaries to the finals, in securing Pan's most prestigious award and title — 2018 Trinidad & Tobago Panorama Champions.

Excellently done, Renegades!
Congratulations, continued success and the warmest of wishes on your 70th anniversary! Our heartfelt thanks.

MTripleT-B, in this year for love, a musical genius is appropriately vindicated ... finally lauded.

ps. To:- Mr A. L. Nunes — I promised I would get Duvone Stewart's name correct. I did. Did I not?


Dr d...let me tell you something you and most people on this discussion board probably don't know...The very first band that Duvone tasted victory with was Merry Tones. Back in 2004 when the categories were first initiated we participated as a small band. We were initially seeded as large, but in-house bickering cost us about 50% of our membership and we had no choice to go Small. After the victory Duvone immediately pulled up roots on us ( he never indicated any dissatisfaction, he just left for betterment we suppose...yuh know how de t'ing does go ) and headed first back to Tobago, then several other destinations in his arranging dominance to date. 

I mentioned the above to intimate that I if no one else should be pissing all over Duvone's successes...but not so...Class is class and will always be. This victory was " a long time coming"...last year's finals should have warned the rest of the field...When I meet him in person his big hug is booked...at least ah could hug him now...lol... 

merrytonestothebone ah never see you so happy!!! By the time yuh get pick as an arranger for a LARGE BAND on PANORAMA FINALS NIGHT ah know what your music is going to be sounding like ....


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