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COPYRIGHT LIES & DECEIT Music Industry Failure in Trinidad and Tobago

Sunshina Today

His name is Sean Caruth and he is a writer/com­poser and performer from Trinidad and Tobago. He has disclosed to this newspaper his terrible experience with the Copy­right Music Organisation of T&T (COTT), “their ruthless practices and lack of integrity”. “I urge all songwriters and composers, law students and entertainment attorneys to read the article in your newspaper and to take heed because this is serious. I couldn’t even get this story published in the traditional media because of their connections”.

Sean Caruth writes, “COTT is mandated to collect royalties on behalf of its members, authors and composers of musical works. The role of COTT is to also represent its members whenever their rights are infringed.

I became a member of COTT on July 1st 1997 and I have assigned the copyright in all my ‘Musical Works’ to COTT through a deed of assignment. COTT is responsible for collecting licence fees for its members when musical works are publicly performed and broadcast over the radio. The collected fees are then distributed as royalties to the authors and composers of the musical works.

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Well Mr. Caruth, as you know, this is T&T. End of Story. Good Luck.

I appreciate you Sean Caruth for all you are doing for those of us who do not quite understand the rules and laws of copyright , thank you for explaining and putting to pen and paper so we can read and try to understand what is going on , I have been a member of cott for Many years and also a member of ASCAP but still not knowing the rights that we sign off on not understanding the rules of the game , thank you for your help and please keep us informed

Miguel Reyes


He leave ITALY to go and fight JOHN ARNOLD in TOBAGO?

And he thought that COTT was there to REPRESENT HIM or the TRINIDAD MUSICIANS (unless they have FRIENDS IN OFFICE)?

I am sure that MR. SEAN CARUTH also believes that PAN TRINBAGO is there to REPRESENT PAN PLAYERS.

Ah does have to wonder where 99% of these TRINIDADIANS GROW UP and how come they DON'T KNOW ANYTHING about THE SOCIETY!!!

MR.CARUTH: I would like to invite you to THIS FORUM so that you can STATE YOUR CASE to THE WORLD.


As some old-time political stalwarts once lectured me in my fervent youth (circa 1970s), Bobbol & Corruption is a vestige of our neo-colonial history.  Until the T&T society-at-large has had enough and wishes to rid itself of that endemic and pervasive "tax" which hurts the stability of our economy, it will continue to offer those elements that wish to profit off the back of other hard-working people.  As long as they find it so and like it so, it will continue.  



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