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......How do we strengthen the relationship of  a sponsor it's band and the community it resides in? need positive reason why they are needed, and how do we encourage more to participate....(urgent) thank you.....

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The sponsor is the life line of the steelband, without one it's close to impossible for a steelband to survive,it is up to the government to give these sponsors tax incentives so they can continue doing what they do. That's my opinion. 

I think it's also time to rethink the types of companies that should be approached. In this era the reason must be more than simply tax breaks. Cross advertising, regional branding and community outreach are as important for longterm support. Clothing companies, sporting companies, outdoor living type companies, construction companies, international schools/universities, Google…  

Erich, it's up these companies to come forward and offer their services, the tax breaks are incentives, if they were coming forward every band in T&T would have a sponsor.

The bottom line is the bands need the sponsors, the band must be able to demonstrate and show the sponsor how their relationship will protect and sell their brand and create a win/win situation for all involve including the community.

Check out this video clip on the role of sponsors, the late Teddy Belgrave offers some basics on how the relationships can be cultivated.

.......Thanks for this video, it's very helpful.......

Are you asking the question for Trinidad & Tobago or USA.

Urban Pan, I would like to see all steelbands sponsored, T&T, USA, TO, UK, buying instruments cost these days and ALL steelband struggling.

We would be living in Paradise or some other Utopian world if it were really up to the potential sponsors to seek out bands to sponsor. That only happens when the brand is so strong and ubiquitous (like Bolt for example) that sponsors want to be associated with the brand and so would actively seek out the brand to form an association.

In our reality the bands must make the impression to the sponsor that there is some tangible benefit to the the sponsor before he will come on board.

Apart from a sense of corporate social responsibility which actually has a beneficial effect on the sponsor (although many companies seem to disregard it) most companies do not see sponsorship benefiting their bottom line.

So it's up to the bands to convince them.

Never mind incentives. Tax incentives exist in the arts for film, artistic works, etc but apart from government entities and a few corporations who do it for other reasons, no company will find it worth the trouble to take up the incentives because they are actually of little benefit to them and require manpower and time to take advantage of them. Because they are actually not incentives at all.

They can work if there are other considerations as well, such as personal relationships etc. but it's the other reasons that will persuade a corporation to even think of spending money on the arts for very little benefit. The small percentage that will be recouped (around 30%) is not enough for them to commit to spending on sponsorship.

The bands have to be very creative.

The questions: "How do we strengthen the relationship of (between) a sponsor, its band and (respective) community...and "how do we encourage more (of whom) to participate?"

As the most integral aspect of the relationship, especially as it relates to 'pan,' is respect, my first concern is: who are you "Vincent Hueloy Lila Yip Young", where do you reside, and for what purpose/intention do you procure this information which is indeed important and interesting?

The first step to strengthening and encouraging is appropriate education. You are seeking the 'how', so the education now, points to the what, why, who, where; purpose, potential, standards/principles, expectations, benefits.

A sustainable, healthy relationship has nothing to do with components of the relationship but the quality of the components.

Some key factors include sincerity, trust, integrity, excellent communication skills, thinking right, thinking big, and a commonality of: awareness/knowledge, support, beliefs, understanding of and commitment to goals, principles, etc., in addition to an exceptional exit plan, while strengthening speaks to a series of crucial changes to be made from a personal and professional slant.

Mr. Yip Young, to help you move your exercise forward, the correct answers to the following salient questions must be reached as far too often, many function on the periphery as they are clueless of the deeper and fundamental levels thus creating more turmoil, discomfort and failure of anything they touch.

  • what is the 'big' picture?
  • what is a relationship? what is a sponsor? what is a 'band'? what is a community?
  • to what standard...?
  • what are the three elements' (band, sponsor, community) common understanding of their potential and purpose of the relationship?
  • what benefits are to be derived?
  • what are the expectations?
  • what personal changes should I (individuals involved) make?
  • why is this relationship important?
  • civic-mindedness: who are to be involved? who are involved? who are to do what? who does what? who can do what?
  • where can the correct help be sourced?
  • where can information be sourced?

When/if responded to, a reply will be...


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