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What is the real purpose of ths event? This show was quite boring and I feel Pantrinbago may as well go back to the Champs in Concert. Firstly, some of these steelbands appeared last year and why are only large bands represented. Are there no cremes in the medium, small or single pan bands? I thought by having this show, other bands could be featured, in that not only the current Carnival winners (who may be same as previous years) would be on the big stage. It was also too long. Most patrons left after All Stars and had been asleep prior to that anyway. Skiffle Bunch could have been on first, since they have a longer journey and their performance was of the calibre to start the show, as they only helped to put people to sleep, when a livlier performance would have kept the patrons awake. The length of some of the performances could have been shorter. Chalkdust singing two calypsoes was unnecessary and the foreigners could not relate to his winning calypso anyway - totally senseless to them and a waste of a more livelier stage time. Please do better than this in the future Pantrinbago!!!!

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