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Culture Minister booed


Arts and Multiculturalism Minister Winston “Gypsy” Peters walked into heavy lyrical bashing on Friday night during the opening of Kalypso Revue at the Arima Velodrome. Several calypsonians used satire to express their disappointment with the Minister, who was announced shortly after the show started. It was not a warm welcome. Emcee, Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall, had to ask the crowd to stop booing Peters. “Wait until he gone!” he exclaimed. Peters, however, took the tongue-lashing calmly, sitting through the ambush and even visiting his fellow artistes during the intermission. The 49-year-old Revue opened to a velodrome full of patrons. The Revue showcased 26 entertainers who mainly lambasted the People’s Partnership.

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He is immuned to being Booed and Toilet Paper Waved, he has asked for it this year. Where all other years I have defended that man this year he has offended the PAN FRATERNITY and he is going to be in for real stick, according to him he come from the "STICK FIGHTING" side of the culture. LOL. Skinner Park here he comes LOL LOL

 well as the previous commentator said - he boof proof

 have they ever booed a pnm minister

 i think not 

 they were afraid

We boo because we don't like to hear the truth
And what exactly do you think is  "the truth", I must ask? I have only heard opinions and misleadings from Mr. Peters as a Minister thus far....not necessarily "truths"!!!

The "truth" is...that Panorama  "is" slowly destroying not only Steel bands, but the minds of Panmen and women...Panorama is the most unfair competition in the world and we like it so. Why, because the organizers of the competition see nothing wrong with copetitors representing more than one band in the same category. It is bad enough that one can play for more than one band...but to compete against oneself is utter madness.What Panorama has done is make most pan people hustlers...no more alegiance to band...no more community band...no more Tobago band and by that I man no more indeginious Tobago rythms when Tobago bands play...50% or more of Tobago band members are from Trinidad....no more Tobago arrangers....Panorama has done alll this and you know what?....It will get worse...


This is  not the kind of "truth" that the Panorama fans want to hear, bigmacttwi,so we might as well relax and enjoy things the way they are

Sorry Glenroy, can't relax...and that's the "truth"...lol....and no... I'm not enjoying things the way they are bcause after 38 years I am seeing all that I/we have tried to hold together for younger players being quietly eroded.... and it's not Gypsy's fault...

Mr. Glenroy, No disrespect intended, but I have been patiently waiting for a very long time to see you show some balls on a least one issue.  I am still waiting.

Mr Barnes, I think i've made my positions as clear as I possibly can in my postings.

Obviously you haven't read them or refuse to try to understand my point of view.

I don't know what you mean by lacking balls, since you don't know me personally.

My thoughts and ideas are posted here for everone's consideration and I do not hide my name, adress or background.

If you disagree with my points of view and wish to challenge them please do so and we can have an amiable discourse.

Until then, please lay off the cheap insults. It's beneath the spirit of this forum


Mr. Glenroy, do not get yourself too rattled.  That was just a guy's comment. If you are seeking political correctnes, then I will respectfully re-state my comment  "SHOW SOME GUTS.'  Do not be fooled, I am well aware of your comments and they are troubling.  On one hand anyone with half a brain can quickly see that you are a pan lover of the highest order.  I will give you that much.  But then you continually make comments that are definitely counter-productive to efforts geared towrards the advancement of the Steelband Artform.  It is as if the Pan Movment has left you behind.  I would relish the opportunity to take this off-line with you for more of a one-on-one discourse.  If you care to post your e-mail address for me that would be greatly appreciated.  I am sure that there are things that I can learn from you and vice versa.  Peace!

It is a pity that you see yourself as worthless. You are even talking against yourself. This is a new generation of people and the lust for Pan that past generations has had was born out of something quite different than today. We cannot instill that in the youth and we should not want to do so. So bands do not clash in violence any longer do we want to revert to that?

  NO WHERE IN THE WORLD DO MUSICIANS PLAY MUSIC FOR NOTHING muchless a measley stipend of $800. for at least three months toil. It is because of the lack of money why people run from band to band  because that is one of the few times that they will see a little change in their hands

.A large percentage of players are youth who attend school or university and work nowhere they need that for bus and taxi fares to play the same pan that you say they are so disloyal to. That blind loyality that was years ago is still there even more so now and after the money is earned those children are still loyal to their individual bands and their love of playing that instrument.

I support all bands and if my band did not win on the night they live to come back the next year. No PAN PLAYERS ARE NOT WORTHLESS they are entirled to get payed.

People like you who have nothing but negativity are killing pan

Entitled to get paid...by whom? "No where in the world do musicians play music for nothing" Who pays these musicians? I'm all for money for panmen, gthough but I'm responding to your arguments.


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