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Cut the prize money and pay the players.


Let me make my position clear, I am not against Pan Trinbago because I am Pan Trinbago. I am not against the President of Pan Trinbago because she is now my president. I am not against my executive because they are all my executive members and they have to represent my best interest. I, at this time, don't perceive any of them to be corrupt, and because of this, I will do all in my power to help my organization thrive. However, there is an issue which is affecting the 75 players that I am leading and I am their voice. In the last two years, that voice has grown and players from all over Trinidad and Tobago are expecting me and other CIP members to raise their voices against any oppression towards them. "With great power comes great responsibility", and I intend to say what needs to be said even if it offends my CIP comrades who are now executive members. (Still love them and nothing personal)


I am still hoping that my fellow executive members would call meetings with the membership and let us, the membership, make the decisions on their business and not let outsiders and political friends of the new executive make decisions for us. Before CIP members got into office, the consensus among many of us was, in 2015 with a 30m budget, PT can pay 1m to 1st place band and 1k for every player. Whatever percentage the new budget is reduced by, all moneys to bands and players should be cut at that percentage. For example, it was reported on the newspapers that PT has a 20m budget, that is 1/3 less than the 30m budget for 2015. It would mean that all the moneys given to bands and players would be cut by a 1/3, which means the  


1st place will now be $667,000


and pan players will now get $667


Cutting across the board would allow all to share in toting the burden, opposed to having the small man (pan players) take the full weigh of it. Why, when we reach in a position of power, we find reasons to justify the crucifixion of the small man, for the sins of others. I am asking my president to give the fraternity that motherly touch you boasted of bringing to the organization before being elected. Your actions now are far from motherly and caring. (Still love you, but I need to tell you as it is.)


My president, in case you did not read it the first time, these are the people getting paid after every panorama whilst the members of your organization suffer.


PT executive members



drill masters



the bar men




tent contractors

stage contractors

toilets contractors

porta floors contractors




track stewards




sound engineers





private contractors for security personnel


fire officers

and catering services, financially benefit. 


My president, none of these people are being called hustlers, and they are all making more than the pan player from just one night of work. The pan players toil for a month and a half and nothing for them. It is definitely a sad time in T&T as the poor man is being continually taken advantage of. This unjust action against pan players is just a reflection of what is presently happening in the country. We are all bandleaders, let us show T&T by example how to treat the small man. Share the burden, come to the membership, give us the power to make our own decisions as you promised before being elected.


Congratulation to the executive members on finding a new home for Pan Trinbago. good work.


Aquil Arrindell

Captain of San City.  

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Aquil: Yuh looking to make ENEMIES, boy!!! BEVERLEY have PLENTY SUPPORT on THIS FORUM and dem other PAN SITES on how she EXPLOITING the PAN PLAYERS yuh know.

Yuh verging on PERSONA NON GRATA!!!

pal i have 75 players to answer to.

once the ones who talking could pay my players for work already done, then they can be my friend.

out side of that they can be my enemy.

i have no problem with that.

Ah fellah was talking BIG BIG (Ah BIG Beverley Supporter) on ah next group chat on what he could do. And when they tell him go ahead and DO IT -- he start talking about CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE before he could ACT!!!


Aquil: That was THE MOST SINCERE ARTICLE you ever posted on THIS FORUM!!!

pal i not trying to be sincere nah,

i just want justice.

Yuh notice how all the "I LOVE PAN HYPOCRITES" get quiet when you and Martin Maitland PREACH THE GOSPEL?

Well, I survive on THIS FORUM because of MY SINCERITY to PAN PROGRESS!!!

So SINCERITY is not such a BAD THING!!!

Nice post Aquil..

Aquil, you have echoed my thoughts on the matter. I kept wondering how thought about that solution to the problem of reduced subventions. Thanks for opening their eyes. It's now PT move.

Aquil, very good post.  Not only does it make sense, it is simply fair and just.

The administration should in good faith, sincerely look at this proposal and act accordingly.

The history of 2017 where the membership was promised $1000.00 but received only $500.

The history of 2018 where the membership was promised $500. but received $0.00

2019 offered and promised $0.00

The general membership should not be called upon to sacrifice.. This is unjust, everyone should pay the price not only the general membership. 

I am calling on the administration to act in accordance with fairness and justice and do the right thing. Spread the money around so that everyone be a part of the equation. the ordinary panman/woman should not have to carry everyone for free.

Sooner or later somebody will have to bring up how much of the panorama budget is spent on Tobago bands. As a matter of fact they have to look at how much it cost to put each band on the stage.

Or cut the number of prizes: go back to the way things were before categories and just have traditional and conventional and call it a day...

Noah, that's TOO COMPLEX an IDEA for pan LEADERS to sort out, here's an observation I found to be a life lesson. Every year in my school district they have parents sign a document called Students RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES, my 12 year daughter knows when its within her RIGHTS to challenge her teachers decision on her grading and will make her CHANGE it based on her knowledge of how the process WORKS... me eh fighting for no pan pan, time fuh dem to LEARN how to STAND on dey own two feet.

Didn't Diaz sign the MOU? You know its carnival/panorama time again everyone caught up in EMOTIONALISM.

Brother Marvin Carnival Time Again


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