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GREGORY: That MONEY done TIEF and GONE. When ME and CECIL HINKSON was on THIS FORUM screaming BLOODY MURDER about THE TIEFING that was going on in PAN TRINBAGO in REAL TIME  -- nobody DID NOT CARE. Especially the EXPLOITED PAN PLAYERS.

And, now, like yuh FORGETTING PANORAMA start two days ago and me and BEVERLEY head hot organizing all these shows. So we eh have NO TIME for YESTERDAY'S NEWS.

But, Gregory, I want to ask you something. For years and years I have read about all the TALENT and SKILL and EDUCATION in the PAN FRATERNITY -- yuh mean BEVERLEY could not call in TWO ACCOUNTANTS from the POOL and ask them to WHIP up a little GENERIC ACCOUNTING REPORT (ah lil INCOME and EXPENSE statement) with a disclaimer that the numbers are SUBJECT TO CHANGE because of this and because of that and because this is not a FORMAL DOCUMENT.

Now it still have critics like that RUSSELL PROVIDENCE (and the other fellah who have nothing to do but criticize THE PRESIDENT all day long on THIS FORUM) but it was the SAFER BET than giving the appearance of HIDING SOMETHING or not LIVING UP to THE PROMISED TRANSPARENCY. And that end up causing me more headaches, personally. Because YOU on the loose now and I have to be writing and calling ALL MY SOURCES to see if there is something in the MORTAR beside the PESTLE.

Look at all the BACCHANAL they cause with THAT BLUNDER -- I can't even get ah chance to readjust my mind to this ALL YEAR PANORAMA TING and enjoy some EARLY IN THE SEASON SINGLE PAN STEELBAND MUSIC.

But it eh too late. BEVERLEY could HOLD A PRESS CONFERENCE and CLEAR THE AIR. Ah mean we just coming off SIXTY MILLION STOLEN DOLLARS and people need to be REASSURED that this is not a DEJA VU EXECUTIVE.

And furthermore, GREGORY LINDSAY, yuh went to BIG SCHOOL in town and it taking you 5 days to read and summarize THAT REPORT -- HURRY UP and post your FINDINGS on THIS FORUM so that we could MOVE ON to DISCUSSING PANORAMA 2020!!!

And speaking of PANORAMA 2020 and MEDIUM FINALS IN TOBAGO -- this WAR PATH that you are taking against THE BEV -- doh bother and APPLY FOR NO VISA to go to TOBAGO with POWER STARS. Yuh done get DISQUALIFIED ALREADY!!!

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Dear Mr Gonzales,

when you look at the freeness, and free for all Beverley Ramsey Moore encouraged at her komotion in Black Rock, and that was without taxpayers money, it was from money she raised, it is not difficult to understand the volume, quantum, level of waste and freeness that will accompany any election campaign panorama in Tobago. You see the old redman with the gray beard WHO IS A NORTHERN REGION EXECUTIVE MEMBER up front in the AGM, well Beverley bought a ticket for him to go to her komotion, paid for board and lodge for him for a few days in Tobago, PROBABLY PROVIDED HIM (and others) WITH A STIPEND, not because he had any significant role to play in managing the event, but because he supported her presidency - CORRUPT TO THE CORE.  

Panorama time is when Pan Trinbago officials steal the most, and Beverley Ramsey Moore, a veteran politician, who has just replaced people whom she accused of stealing, is not going to let this panorama go by without seeing how best she too could misappropriate $1M TTD. She had a whole year to think it through, and devise plans to get past Gypsy, the man now holding Pan Trinbago's ATM card.

Gregory Lindsay, people does eat from you boy, doh put yuh hand in shit, remember Serrette get over $1M TTD for doing nothing, and then play he blowing whistle on Diaz. Let all ah dem haul dey teefing ass and do and say what you have to. Claude Gonzales ass happy inno.

I've said it before, all this report will do is get people angry. nobody ain't getting jail and no money will be returned.  Putting millions of dollars in peoples hands who did not work for it or spent time raising it is just plain stupid.That's called free money.

Speaking of FREE MONEY, Cecil ... how yuh like this FREE MONEY SCAM by DIAZ and FORTEAU?

Ok...I will

Aye Gregory, since when yuh listening to Claude???

Cecil: Yuh doing like Earl Richards and getting in MEH BUSINESS.

Well if yuh want to know: Me and Gregory ... we tight like TRUMP and GIULIANI right now!!! We digging up DIRT because we DOH LIKE CORRUPTION in PAN TRINBAGO!!!


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