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Dear Pan Trinbago -- Where is the quality? Who is responsible?

You are the governing body of pan in Trinidad and Tobago.  You are responsible for the image that the world sees.

You are not supposed to be an over-exuberant fan giving the world very bad to mediocre cell phone videos with atrocious audio.. You are like a child with a new toy. Get professional help. Raise your standards. Don't lower the standards. Isn't there one person in all of Pan Trinbago to tell you "NO don't post that?"

No more vertical videos please. That's considered below amateur level. No more mono audio. That is consider a sin in 2019.

The next video you post should sound and look as good as a WST video. Look at this https://youtu.be/jNiBK_AVNaA 


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Is it unreasonable to suggest that WST may quite likely be the recipient of a much more significant government subvention than Pan Trinbago?

Pan Trinbago in my opinion has become a byword for any of the following:

  1. Corruption
  2. Inefficiency
  3. Inadequacy
  4. Incompetence
  5. Lies
  6. Thieves

As Pan Trinbago's Official #1 Fan, confirmed on this global forum by the current Education Officer of the organization, I say that without fear of contradiction.


I don't see THAT WORD on YOUR LIST!!!

My apologies sir.

Please note that my initial comment has been revised to include;

B A C K W A R D N E S S.


Pan Trinbago's Offical #1 Fan

I keep trying to explain to YOU ALL that every society evolves at it own pace (and that applies to subsets within the society).

PAN TRINBAGO is a TOTALLY BACKWARD ORGANIZATION and it will take them another 25 years to move beyond "bad to mediocre." and gain RESPECTABILITY as far as its ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTIONS are concerned.

But more than the crude recordings, what bothers me most is their inability to recognize how THE OUTSIDE WORLD is moving in leaps and bounds WITH PAN. While we sit down there and tell OURSELVES that WE ARE IN CHARGE OF GLOBAL PAN -- THE WORLD GOVERNING BODY OF PAN!!!

DONTCARENESS. That's the word ya'll are searching for. Like Dr. Hollis Liverpool said, they love being on the telephone making calls, and all day scratching their.....well, whatever is down south. But, on the other hand, don't be hard on these Pan Trinibago Officials, they can only function as their mental capability affords them.

Claude my brother, Pan Trinbago do not operate by foreign standards, they set their own, and don't particularly care about how they are looked at.

Well Cecil that's an embarrassing reality in an age where the Nigerian youth are set to challenge Hollywood with movies that they are making on their cell phones and broken-down laptops.


Can you please post the link of the Video that you are in referring to. 

This is just the latest. I can give you a lot more..  These bands should sue Pan Trinbago for hurting their brand by broadcasting such poor videos.

Are you responsible for this Aquil?






Aquil: Yuh think we making up STUFF on THIS FORUM? I (and I am sure many others too) have been annoyed by that GARBAGE. But I complain about so many things I never bothered to make it an issue.

It is a kind of an insult to ASK FOR ONE EXAMPLE from people who does follow PAN TRINBAGO for DECADES.

And let me EXPAND on the point that bugs was making. FILM is RUNNING RAMPANT in TRINIDAD. Go to YOUTUBE and type in "TRINIDAD FILMS" and you could spend the NEXT TWO YEARS looking at movies and documentaries FILMED IN TRINIDAD.

What is my POINT? My point is that the TALENT is there to FILM a STEELBAND PERFORMANCE and then do a little editing and fine tuning and then put out a HALF-WAY DECENT PRODUCT.

But YOUR PRESIDENT (BEVERLEY RAMSYEY-MOORE) so wants to be IN CONTROL of everything and so believes that EVERYBODY should come TO HER (because she is such a HIGH PRIESTESS) that she does not even vaguely understand the concept of NETWORKING or integrating other skills into the PAN ARENA to present a better product.

And everybody down there praising the MANAGEMENT SKILLS of this woman and bending down and kissing her feet for all that she has ACCOMPLISHED to date. When she cannot even shoot a QUARTER DECENT VIDEO of a PAN PERFORMANCE.

THERE ARE MINIMUM STANDARDS -- especially so for an organization that calls itself THE WORLD GOVERNING BODY OF  STEEL BAND.


Aquil: Ah throwing in ah lil example for you:

As it relates to video production, and considering the comments condemning the quality of video production. The following is what was told to me by someone who is a successful video producer in conversation about the benefits disclosed for video production in the budget. Do you suppose Pan Trinbago can use this increased benefit (to sponsors) to their advantage in the context being discussed Mr. Gonzales? 

"They raised the ceiling for companies who sponsor sport and culture and video production is included....but companies have not been utilising all of the old quota...so what is new?"


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