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Dennis Phillip Speaks - Panorama Re engineered: It Is Now A Hustler's Paradise

by Sharmain Baboolal

...Charlie, very much a man who prefers to remain behind the scenes, is not just an architect of Birdsong. Starting as a UWI graduate at the age of 24 years, and working through both Pan Trinbago and the National Carnival Commission (NCC), he was part of the team that shaped the business side of pan, giving birth to PANVESCO, eventually, after years of riding the bull to ensure that money was wisely invested in the steelband communities.

“Against this backdrop, his tone became more strident.

Elite Hustle

“The powers that be perceive pan as another CEPEP programme. The entire commentariat (educated people and so called experts) see pan as a way to keep the ghetto quiet. It all has to do with money passing through like a dose of salts to keep us quiet after Ash Wednesday....

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