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Ian: When DESPERADOES played in the semi-finals I came on and said that they beat the PANS TO HARD and I dismissed them as a possible winner. My position on BOOGSIE was critical, more so than complimentary. Tongue-in-cheek if you read between the lines. Even so he put down a hell of a good performance despite selecting the WRONG SONG.

I hated SUPERNOVAS quite true. But on the night of the PANORAMA you have to deal with reality. And the reality on that night was that SKIFFLE sounded the best to me. Liam sounded much better than I expected him to and SUPERNOVAS put down a hell of a performance that I had to respect.

Desperadoes beat the pans too hard and they played too fast on Panorama night.


        Got it! Still think you are a ''PAN-JAMMETTE'' lol.


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