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Desperadoes Steel Orchestra and Arranger Carlton “Zanda” Alexander Win!

Finals Results - Large Conventional Steel Orchestras - Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2016

1. 285 Desperadoes

2. 284 Supernovas

3. 283 Phase II Pan Groove

3. 283 BP Renegades

5. 281 CAL Invaders 

6. 280 All Stars

7. 277 Silver Stars

8. 276 Redemption

9. 272 Fonclaire

10. 266 Skiffle 

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What I trying to say ("superbly executed") is yes, instruments and playing and quality and complexity of arrangements, is much better and probably to the musicologist more attractive but I am just a person who likes the "sound" of pan, the melody is key for me and all of the bands I heard except Redemption Sound Setters to me have gone too far away from that.  I not biased, I still supporting pan but apart from the occasional jam less and less people are.  And the music is so complex now that learning the tune for Panorama seems to take all the energy out of the pannists.  What yuh have for the rest of the year?  A stage side that travels a bit?  What happens to the rest of the players?  To all that youth and energy?  Maybe we need another event, slower paced, to rival Panorama and bring people back to the track.  And I know Pan Trinbago has tried over the last five years to do so but somehow it is not catching on and I wonder why.

I hear your concerns for young people after the Panorama dust has settled, but then again, it is up to the individual to chart their own course in life…do you know that probably only about 10% (maybe less) of all the youths playing pan have any real interest in music?… and here I'm referring to music study specifically…that is one avenue where youths can channel their energy after Panorama…but sadly Panorama is a hustle to most of them, once they get the $1,000.00 and more in some cases that's it till next year...more competition may not necessarily be the answer …at any rate to make any pan competition attractive big money has to be pumped into it…Pan Trinbago is very much at fault too for the lack of interest after Panorama, simply because they have refuse to ensure it remained a "real competition"over the years…but that is another story ...

"Phase II remains very innovative in pan music, I think the 'Maestro' went wrong finals night, the semi-finals was the 'bomb' direct, intrusive and most all hitting the right chord. Listening deeply at the finals, it went a bit jazzy and wandering off the infectious melody but 'Mad Music' is a genius composition.

Despers is still the only steel orchestra to be visionary with pan in the 21st century so congrats, the late Rudolph Charles must be smiling in 'heaven' at the accomplishment of the 'boys from behind the bridge'...  

It's the same old BULLSHIT year in and year out.Meaning panorama and pan trinbago.

Cedric: I welcome your angst!!! But it is a GIVE and TAKE forum. A little hyperbole, sarcasm, food for thought, ole time lime under the lamp post, political innuendo, change of gears, repeating how much you love the PAN 100 times, opposing all things said against the PNM -- and commentary on the current issues.

So mix it up a little bit my friend!!!


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