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Destination Montreal - Festival International de Steelpan de Montreal 2012 in Review

Canadians Celebrate Steelpan Music at Week-Ends du Monde

Pan Coalition of Maine performs at F.I.S.M. 2012 in Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada - They danced, they sang, they smiled broadly, as they cheered and clapped and they listened intently - but mostly their hearts, bodies and souls were filled with the joyous vibes and sounds emanating from the infectious musical performances of steel orchestras. From time to time they would utter words in French, Spanish, English and a host of other languages - no translation was needed. With the St. Lawrence River as the backdrop of the event, they all communicated in tones of unadulterated universal approval. And when it was all blended - the alluring visuals, the chorus of languages, harmonized sounds, and the inviting aromas from all different cuisines surrounding the staging area - it was crystal clear that the steelpan instrument, through the Festival International de Steelpanuniversal approval. And when it was all blended - the alluring visuals, the chorus of  de Montreal had done it again—that is—bridged the cultural divide.
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When Steel Talks extends congratulations to the 2012 Montreal Panorama and Tune of Choice winners - Salah's Steelpan Academy and Pan Coalition respectively. ...Special congrats to all the Festival International de Montreal participants. Great show!

Salah did Montreal proud. WST I thank you for showing the world how beautiful F.I.S.M. is.

We thank you all for the comments and a special thank you to WST for again coming to Montreal to do the coverage of the event. If things are not recorded, they may simply vanish into thin air. The best recorder of the Pan today is WST. congrats to you for your tireless efforts in bringiing Pan to the world. and congrats and thanks to all participants and visitors who attended the weekend of Pan in Montreal.


Hi Salah,

Thanks for a great show.  I had a fantastic time on Sunday.  It was nice to meet the person behind the vision.  The weather was perfect for the occasion.

Thanks and glad you made it and had a fantastic time


Congrats, Salah, pan is here to stay, pan is not in danger (sweet music)

Thanks Bede



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