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Revisited -- Destra Garcia - as you have never heard her before - her love for the SteelPan instrument, the passion & pain behind her songwriting

Global - Destra Garcia of Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most successful and popular SOCA music artists in the world. Like Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Mary J and others, Destra has cultivated and maintained a special bond with her adoring young fans who make up a large percentage of her following. In addition to her steady stream of music hits known throughout the Caribbean and abroad, Destra is a major and regular contributor to the steelband music as a songwriter of tunes that have been routinely adapted for the steel orchestra.

In an exclusive, no-holds-barred interview with When Steel Talks (WST), Soca Diva, songstress and steelband music songwriter Destra Garcia expounds on her special relationship and love affair with the steelpan instrument, the music and culture.

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Destra is a artists i have always admired for her vocal works and now as a writer she is truely amazing,
the construction of her lyrics to the melodies she get , flows.
Destra is simply amazing. Artistry in motion. May God bless you richly sister. Your high-energy is remarkable.
Destra hit a lot of nails on the head here and I think there are a lot of shared sentiments on this board regarding the so called "Pan Song" and its direction ..... I've been a fan of Destra for some time now for the songs she has been associated with have been very "flavor-ful" to say the least ... there is a "FRESH" sound to her music vocals and lyrics ... thank you....
Eye4Pan I totally agree with you.

Well said Eye4Pan! It's great to hear this side of Destra, and realize that she seems to care about pan and it's future.


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