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Over 300 STEELBANDS on the LIST and we still have more updating to do!!!

We are going to have some MAJOR UPDATES coming up this week. I am going to put "TBD" in the  "location" field for bands which currently lack a specific location. I have also added the "source"  (WST/NV/JdeBarry) for each band entry on this list. That should facilitate easier retrieval by anyone who wants to validate information or make contact with the contributor. If anyone recognizes a band and knows the TOWN in which the band existed, please give us an update. Thanks!

I think that any BAND NAME that is presented by the WST GLOBAL COMMUNITY on this specific topic has validity. If not in this context, maybe in some other.  So I will include it (sometimes with a STRIKEOUT or QUESTION MARK).

In terms of the letter "A" all three data elements have been provided for bands starting with the letter "A" and this is an integration of ALL three data sources -- WHEN STEEL TALKS, NEW VISIONARIES and Jeremy de Barry. Roughly 223 bands were presented by the WHEN STEEL TALKS COMMUNITY with 220 from the NEW VISIONARIES and 282 from The JEREMY de BARRY file. Of course there are a lot of duplicates that have to be WEEDED OUT.

For the bands from town I am going to start putting "Port-of-Spain" but I would appreciate any specific pointers like "Belmont" or "St. James" and the like. I just added the first female steelband to the list. "WHITE STARS" was formed at the GIRL'S INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL. "GIRL PAT" was the second female steelband.

All Aces (Boissiere Village), (WST); Arima All Stars (Arima), (WST); Alpha Stars (Rio Claro), (NV); Ambassadors (St. James -- Fort George Rd), (WST/NV); Am Boys Symphony (Belmont),(WST/NV); Antillean (San Fernando), (WST/JdeB); Armarites (El Socorro -- Don Miguel Street), (JdeB); Arirang (Diego Martin), (WST/NV); Armaris (Cunupia -- Chin Chin Road, (JdeB), Armed Forces, (Laventille), (NV); Atomic (Arima), (NV)

Battan (San Fernando -- Upper Marryat Street), (WST/JdeB); Bell Boys (San Juan -- Laventille Road), (WST/JdeB); Belmont United (Belmont -- Archer Street), (WST/NV); Bescrete Harmonizers, (Arima -- Green Street), (WST); Birdland (Carenage), Black Knights (San Fernando), (JdeB); Black Swan (San Juan), (NV); Blue Diamonds (Tobago-- Union Hall), (NV/JdeB); Blue Moon (St. Madeleine),(JdeB); Blue Stars, (St. James), (WST); Boom Town (Tacarigua), (NV); Born To Lose, (Arima), (WST); Boston Symphony, (Port-of-Spain), (WST/NV); Boystown (Pt. Cumana), (WST/NV/JdeB); Boystown (Tobago, Speyside) (JdeB); Boystown (Tunapuna), (WST/NV); (BP Serenaders (Tobago -- Canaan), (WST/JdeB); Buccaneers, (TBD), (NV)

Cadenza (Mayaro Pierreville), (JdeB); Caribbean Magic (Barataria -- 28th 4th Street), (JdeB);  Casablanca, Casbah, (Arima -- Calcutta City), (WST/NV); Cashab (Tobago, Roxborough), (JdeB); Cavaliers (San Fernando, South Street), (WST/NV/JdeB); Central Cassanova (Central), (WST/NV); Central Symphony (Chaguanas), (NV/CdeB); Charlie Chan, (Port-of-Spain),  (NV); Chicago Steelband, (TBD), (WST/NV); Choclate City (San Fernando -- Cor. Coffee and Cipero Streets), (JdeB); Chutniks (San Juan), (JdeB); City Kids (Port-of-Spain), (WST); City Serenaders Port-of-Spain -- Abercrombie St.), (WST); City Symphony (Port-of-Spain -- St. Paul St.), (WST); City Syncopators (Port-of-Spain), (WST/NV); Classy Sounds (Belmont, Circular Road), (JdeB); Clef Tones, (San Fernando -- Oxford Street), (WST/NV); Concrete Yard (Curepe), (WST/NV); Coco Boys (La Brea), (JdeB); Condor Front Liners, (TBD), (NV); ( Cooperative Harmony (Sangre Grande -- Cooperative Street), (JdeB); Corregidores (San Juan/Barataria), (WST/NV); Cosmonetts (San Fernando -- Cipero Street), (JdeB); Crazy Golden Eagles (Port-of-Spain, George Street), (JdeB); Crescendoes (Chaguanas, Southern Main Road), (JdeB);Crossfire (Woodbrook/St. James), (WST/NV); Crossfire (Arima -- Longden St.), (WST/NV); Crossroads, (St. James), (WST/NV); Cross Stars, (Arima -- Guanapo Street), (WST); Cross Winds (Enterprise, Chaguanas), (WST-NV-JdeB), Crusaders (Port-of-Spain), (WST); Culture Circle (St Joseph -- Market Street), (JdeB); Curepe Rebels (Curepe), (NV); Cutie Minors (San Fernando -- Rushworth Street), (JdeB); Czechniks (Gonzales), (WST)

D Boys, Del Vikings, Dale White's Family and Friends (Arima -- cor. Stephen & Subero Street), (JdeB); Delphonics, Dem boys (Belmont, Port-of-Spain), Dem Fascinators, Dem Fortunates (Port-of-Spain), Destination Unknown (San Juan), Dixicola Pentagons (San Fernando -- Short Street), Dixie Harps (Tunapuna), (WST/NV/JdeB); (Dixie Land (Belmont), Dixie Stars (Port-of-Spain), Dolphins Steel Orchestra (Pleasantville, Blitz Village), (JdeB)

East Indians (Pasea), East Side Symphony (Mayaro), East Side Symphony (Tobago -- Belle Garden), (JdeB); East Side New Dimension (Tobago, Belle Garden), (JdeB); Ebonites, Ebony, Echo Diamonds, Ekklesic (Arima), (JdeB); Empresarios (Scarborough, Tobago), (WST/NV/JdeB); Esso Stars, Esso Wonderharps, Euphonics (Lake Asphalt), (NV) Euphonics (Roxborough, Tobago), (NV), Euphonics Sounds (Tobago, Scarborough), (JdeB); Express 21 (Laventille -- 80 Old St. Joseph Road), (JdeB)

Fascinators (Port-of-Spain), Finland (San Juan), Five Graves to Cairo, Flamingoes, Four Roads Star Delta (Diego Martin), Free French (San Fernando),  Free Town (?), French Metronomes (San Fernando), Frenchman Creek (Tunapuna), Frillibo

Gay Caballeros,  Gay Crescendos, Gay Hoytonians, Gay Landers, Gay Monarch,  Gay Philadelphians, Gay Symphony, Gem Stars, Girl Pat (Port-of-Spain), Gladiators, Golden Dukes, Golden Harps, Golden Sounds Incorporated, Gondoliers (Maryatt Street, San Fernando), Gonzales United, Green Eyes, Guapo Burnley (Guapo), (WST/NV/JdeB)

Harlem City, Harlem Nightingales, Harlem Symphony, Harmonics (Egypt Village), Heineken Pan Vibes, Hellsapoppin, Hell Tones, Hell's Kitchen, Highlanders, Highlighters (Penal), Hillside Symphony (Corner Upper Hillside Street & Carib Street, San Fernando), Hill Sixty, Hill Stars (John John), Hilites (Maraval), Hiltones, Hit Paraders (Port-of-Spain)

Ierie Republic Sounds, Imperial Tulips

Jay Notes (Sangre Grande), Jazz Cats, Jewel 22 (Port-of-Spain), Joyland Synco, Juveniles

Katzenjammers (Port-of-Spain), Kentuckians, Kintups (St. Anns, Port-of-Spain), Klondike Pan Sounds (Tunapuna), Klondykes (Barataria)

Lenningrad (Morvant), L’il Carib, Lunics, Lucky Jordan (Scarborough, Tobago)

Maestros, Marley Nostalgic Golden Stars, Marsicans (San Juan), Melodics, Mello Harps (bethel), Mello Tones (Arima), Melotones (Febeau Village, San Juan), Melody Makers, Mello Stars, Merry Makers, Merry Star Metronomes, Metronomes, Mexicanos, Mexitones, Midlanders, Modern Stereo Harps (Gasparillo),   Modern Sunland, Modern Years, Modernaires (Gonzales), Modernites, Monarchs, Moonglow, Moonlight Sonata, Morning Stars,  Morvant Ebonites, Motown (San Fernando)

New World Symphony, Nestle's Ambassadors, Nightingale (Port-of-Spain), Nightingales (Bourg Mulatresse), Nob Hill (Tunapuna), Nocturnes, North Star (Arouca), North Stars, Northern Harmonizers (San Juan), Northern Symphony, Nuclear Symphonettes, Nutrine Playboys

(Old Oak) Starlift (Tobago), Olympia Symphonettes, Olympians (Tobago), Onset Steel Orchestra, Organettes (San Fernando), Pan Am North Stars (St. James), Pan Glow (San Fernando), Pan Pipers (Arima), Pandemonics (Bournes Road, St. James), Panarmonics (Belmont), Panamonics (Delaford), Pandemonium, Panorama (Port-of-Spain), People's Music, Pepcats (Arouca), Play Boys, Point Cumana Steel Orchestra, Prodigal Philharmonics, Pt. D'or Nightingales

QT Minors

Radix, Ragtime Rebels (Curepe), Red Army (Prince Street, Port-of-Spain), Red River (San Juan), Rhapsody, Rhapsody (Tunapuna), Rhythm and Blues, Rhythm Tigers (Tobago), Rising Sun (Jarvis Street, San Fernando), Rochdale, Rogues Regiment

Saigon (Port-of-Spain), Saint James United (Saint James), Samba Boys, San Juan All Stars (San Juan), Savoys, Satisfiers, Scarlet Symphony, Scarlet 29 Incorporated, Schlumbergers, Second Dimension (Morvant), See Bees, Silhouettes, Silver Harps (Cedros), Silver Harps (Port-of-Spain),Silver Harps (Sangre Grande), Silver Tones, Sky Chief (Tobago), Skylarks, Small Town Stardust, Soul City (Cascade), South Stars, (San Fernando), Southern All Stars (Carib Street, San Fernando), Southern Melotones (San Fernando), Southern Fascinators (San Fernando), Southern Symphony (San Fernando), Southernites (Santa Flora), Southland Symphony (Sutton Street, San Fernando), Spellbound (Carenage), Spike Jones, Sputalis, Sputniks,  Sputniks (Les Coteaux), Sputnik Stars, St. Anns All Stars (St. Anns), (JdeB); Stackpole, , Stalingrad, Stardelters, Starlift (Gasparillo),  Starland, Starlite (San Juan), Starnicks (Carenage), Staronettes Steel Orchestra (Laventille), Steel Stylers, Stepyard, Stereophonics, Stereotones, Stromboli (Belmont), Sundown Fascinators, Sundowners (Panco Lane, San Fernando), Sundowners (Hollis Street, Petit Bourg), Sun Valley (St. James), Sunland (Belmont- 21B Erthig Road), Sunland (Tunapuna), Sunsetters Coryal, Supertones (Canaan), Supersonics (La Brea), Survival, Syatdust, Symphonettes (Woodbrook), Symphony Stars (Scarborough), Synconettes, Synconites

Teenage Serenaders, Teenage Symphony, Teen Stars, Tell Stars (San Juan), Third Dimension, Third World, Third World Symphony, Thunder Birds, Tobago All Stars (Scarborough,Tobago), (NV/JdeB);Today's Youth Funky, Tombstone, Torrid Zone (Morvant), Trinidad Symphony (San Juan), Tripoli, Tropical Harmony, Tropical Melody, Tropicana Valentino, Tropitones (Port-of-Spain), Trutones (Princess Town), Tunapuna All Stars (Tunapuna)

Valley Harps, Vibratones, Vigilantes, Volleywyvkers (Mt. St. Benedict)

Wake Island, Water Front, West Side Symphony, West Stars (San Fernando), West Stars (Texaco), Western Philharmonics, Western Serenaders (Tobago), Western Stars, White Stars (Port-of-Spain, First female steelband -- from The Girl's Industrial School, Port-of-Spain), Wild Cats, Wild Cats (Tesoro), Williiamsville Highliters, Winside, Wonder Harps, Wonder Harps Esso), Wonderland (Belmont),  Wonderland (Chaguanas), Woodpeckers

Youth Stars

Zone Stars

3RD World Symphony (St. James)

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Hi Mr Claude Gonzales,

Have you seen these lists yet?

The Steelbands of Trinidad & Tobago - TT Bands Page

There are 549 TT steelbands listed here.

From which you may find the link to:
The Past & Historic Steelbands of TT

Where there are presently 282 Past & Historic TT steelbands listed

The information that you all have gathered will be helpfull when
the next iteration update to this page is to be made
in about a months time.

Keep up the good work.

If you want to view the 'About TT steelbands'
Try this link on:
The Steelbands of Trinidad & Tobago - TT Home Page

best regards

Yes Jeremy!!! I am starting to realize the complexity of the project. I am glad that you decided to HELP THE HELPER!


Hi Claud,

Can you handle a spreadsheet application like XLS?

If you eMail me at the eM-address at the bottom of my web pages,
I can then send you pages into which you can input your data
for convenient manipulation.

If you like, give it a try.


Jeremy: I will email you!!!

Boss work Mr. Gonzales.

Thanks!!! The NEW VISIONARIES have something going here.

This is great Claude! It might be wise to hightlight what parts of the country all these steelbands originated so that we can all see a definite pattern which might tell us a whole lot of other things about the rise of the steelband in T&T. I hope that the powers that be in Pan Trinbago see by this example, if we all work together (local and foreign} FOR THE BENIFIT OF PAN, what could/can be achieved.

Some bands are missing from San Juan:-  Starlite or Starliters..Red River.  then came San Juan Allstars.      Destination Unknown..Northern Harmonizers..Bell Boys..Melotones from Laventille Rd, Febeau village.    Tellstars from Prizgar Rd San Juan

Okay ED!!! I will add the SAN JUAN bands. Lived on Sunshine Avenue from 1963-1970 (except for two years in Guyana). So we have to BIG UP San Juan bands!!!

Yes, Mr. Gittens: I am working on that!!! Long road to travel. And speaking of "working together" you opened the door for me to share some of my thoughts at this point in the development of the LIST. So here goes.

This is a NEW VISIONARIES project. And though it seemed straightforward and simple on the surface, the more I scout the project the more complex it becomes to define a final product. So the NEW VISIONARIES have to come back on here and DEFINE THEIR OBJECTIVE. (I am just a helper on the assembly line; the factory belongs to the NEW VISIONARIES.) For example, I think that this project could end up being a LIST on WHEN STEEL TALKS just like a list of past PANORAMA WINNERS. I also think that this project could end up being a PUBLISHED BOOK. And finally, I think that this project could end up being a DOCUMENTARY (short film).

Even the definition of which bands should be on the list raises some questions. So there is much decision making on the road ahead.

Your point about "working together (local and foreign)" is especially well taken with me, since I believe that such alliances could be of GREAT BENEFIT TO PAN. So along that line of thinking, I was thinking (before I read your post) that the NEW VISIONARIES should appoint a MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE to oversee this project which should include TWO MEMBERS from the NEW VISIONARIES and Gerard Clarke and ODW and Oswald Alexander and Ansel Joseph (Arizona) along with the one and only Bertel Gittens.

Join the modern world and start doing some online global conferencing on PAN starting with this LIST.

Ah done get fired already; ah eh even make the MANGEMENT TEAM.



This project was born out of the minds of Mr Keith Simpson and Dr. Pat Bishop as was mentioned in the original posting. I cannot speak on behalf of any of them (Dr. Bishop FOR SURE!!). I very recently spoke to Keith Simpson, and he promised to post on this forum, his bit of what was in their minds when this project was commissioned. So let us wait and see what comes of it. In the meantime, this is great what you are developing here for us, and this effort alone, qualifies you to be on any management committee, and particularly in relation to where ever this project goes.


Yuh eh easy nah bwoy,yuh appointing people,just so,just so, and yuh firing yuhself.

I think is time the New Visionaries reappear to make a statement and say thanks to the many who contributed.

Good work brother.


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